Chicago Style Politician/Peddler of False HopenChange

and stealth unelected World Government supporter accuses climate change skeptics of cynicism:

US President Barack Obama on Friday hit out at naysayers he blamed for peddling “cynical” claims that global warming is a myth to derail a landmark climate change bill in Congress.

Obama warned that the closer the Senate came to passing legislation which has already cleared the House of Representatives, the more opponents would resort to underhand tactics.

“The naysayers, the folks who would pretend that this is not an issue, they are being marginalized,” Obama warned in a speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Meanwhile, with no recorded global warming having occurred in the past 15 years, fewer and fewer Americans believe it is happening, and even fewer believe–a la Lomborg–that it’s one of the most important issues facing our nation. In fact, it is people such as Al Gore, James Hansen (whose ridiculous speculations helped kick this nonsense off twenty years ago when he was predicting that much of Manhattan would be underwater by now), Lindsay Graham and The One who are increasingly marginalized. Why is BHO so angry about it? Because his agenda depends on the massive redistribution of wealth that cap-and-trade and its world equivalents, for which the Nobel Peace Prize was a down payment, depend on this enormous hoax.

Talking out of his ass, Mr. President continues:

“But I think it’s important to understand that the closer we get, the harder the opposition will fight and the more we’ll hear from those whose interest or ideology run counter to the much needed action that we’re engaged in.

“There are those who will suggest that moving toward clean energy will destroy our economy,” Obama said, a day after the release of a poll showing fewer Americans see solid evidence of global warming.

Whose interest or ideology? There is absolutely no evidence for anthropogenic climate change. Who stands to gain from the destruction of the American economy to reconstruct it as a “green” economy? Who’s vending carbon credits? How have they been authorized so to do? To whom are they beholden? How is it, if this really is the President’s view, that the US has backed a huge new Soros-invested offshore drilling project in Brazil?

He continues:

“There are going to be those who… make cynical claims that contradict the overwhelming scientific evidence when it comes to climate change, claims whose only purpose is to defeat or delay the change that we know is necessary.”

The overwhelming scientific evidence is that AGW is a titanic fraud. It is all about the redistribution; it is about nothing else.

Yesterday, Lord Monckton of Brenchley—who, despite being a British peer is a much greater American than such Medal of Honor recipients as Ted Kennedy—gave a wonderful and very generous interview on The B-Cast, worth listening to in its entirety, in which he brings to bear reams of evidence, rather than accusation and snark, the stock in trade of this administration.

Obama’s scorn for democracy is registered by his proliferation of unaccountable and unconfirmed czars:

[From Washington Post via Hot Air]

Ed Morrissey:

Bush created five new czar positions in five years. Obama created 17 new czar positions in 8 months, only one of which needed Senate confirmation and has Congressional oversight. These are essentially end runs around Congressional oversight. The Obama administration denied this earlier this year, but their response to both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill [that the WH won’t ask most czars to testify before Congress, in part because that’s what Fox wants them to do] leaves little doubt on the matter. Obama wants to create and implement policy in secret, and doesn’t want his czars having to testify before Congress on what they do.

Is this “transparency”? No, but it is a transparent power grab, and Congress has only belatedly noticed it. In fact, as the Washington Times reports this morning, White House counsel Greg Craig denied this — but spent half of his time rebutting Glenn Beck rather than explaining why Congress should not have oversight over administration officials who set and implement policy.

That’s also pretty transparent. Obama wants to play the Fox card to get Congress to retreat on oversight. If Fox calls for Congress to perform its constitutional duties, apparently that makes it extreeeeeeeeeme. That’s an interesting take on transparency, and an interesting position on the Constitution from the nation’s most, er, celebrated constitutional scholar.

With hope like this, who needs cynicism?

So there you have it: Treasury officials lied to Congress and the public, and refused to demand even a basic level of accountability from TARP recipients while borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars that taxpayers will eventually have to pay back, plus billions in interest. Incredibly, just Wednesday, President Obama announced a new TARP-like program for small businesses and community banks. The madness in Washington won’t stop until the people completely clean house at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue.

And just as incredibly, Democrats have voted to give outfits such as ACORN a say in regulation over financial institutions. Unelected, anti-democratic, unaccountable, stupid and greedy is no way to go through life, son.

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6 Comments on Chicago Style Politician/Peddler of False HopenChange

  1. twolaneflash // 10/24/2009 at 1:14 pm // Reply

    AGW is no longer a myth. It is now classified as a superstition. Chicken feathers required. Human sacrifices optional.

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  2. “Cynic” in Obamaspeak means someone who disbelieves his narcissistic delusions.

    Such as the one where he’s going to Bring Everyone Together And Fix The Planet.

    Listen closely for his use of “cynic”: it’s nearly ubiquitous, and it always means “people who are ruining EVERYTHING for me, dammit!”

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  3. Buck Porter // 10/25/2009 at 6:36 am // Reply

    Hi, dicentra.

    Firstly, fuck off, you fat, ugly bearded cunt.

    So, how’s it going?

    Looo-looo-looo-ney woman, have you any children yet?

    Have a nice day. All the best.

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    • Bob Reed // 10/25/2009 at 5:59 pm // Reply

      It’s one hick-stupid personal attack after another from you. You love it sleazy, the sleazier the better, until some boomerang sleaze hits your face…”

      You better duck, that boomerang is circling around…

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  4. Gary Alexander // 10/25/2009 at 5:33 pm // Reply

    I’m sure awarding Ted Kennedy the “Medal of Honor” was an error and not breathtaking ignorance.

    Ted Kennedy was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom… along with the usual gaggle of homosexuals, commies and political cronies

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  5. Enoch_Root // 10/26/2009 at 6:08 am // Reply

    these days, awards are given pre-emptively… tradition-like

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