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13 Comments on POWIP Contest

  1. Did you actually see this episode or are you reading what others wrote? LD was hardly ‘pissing on Christ,’ though as a Floridian I wouldn’t necessarily mind if he pissed on an image of Crist ;) The show’s set-up was Larry’s taking of a new medication which made him urinate in heavy streams. While using his assistant’s bathroom he spattered urine on an image of Christ hanging in the shower of this home. The hilarious part of this episode was that the assistant’s home was literally Elvis-like in containing images of Christ every few feet, including in the bathroom.

    This PC stuff, when coming from the progressive left is borderline nauseating. However when it comes from my favorite reads on the reflexive right I think it’s time to find another list of favorites.

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    • Look – if it can be said that Christians haven’t been knee-jerk about this stuff in the past, it is because we were being merciful – not because we didn’t take offense.

      I wonder what the producers would do say if the assistant was Muslim or Jewish. The answer is, they would never dare.

      And that is really at the heart of why this is not funny.

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      • You obviously don’t watch Curb or you’d know what LD does with his fellow Jews is amazingly hilarious. Nailing his Mezuzah up with the nail souvenir from the Passion of the Christ movie was genius! Hey, I understand wanting to get a few more hits by posting this crap, but if you don’t watch Curb you don’t get it.

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    • Now this is funny… http://www.hulu.com/watch/25447/its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-the-gang-exploits-a-miracle

      And yes, I too find it funny. Bordering on really, really offensive, but funny.

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    • Dan Collins // 10/28/2009 at 3:26 pm // Reply

      What? Am I making a big deal out of it? No, I’m turning it into an opportunity for more cutting edge humor.

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  2. Surveyguy84 // 10/28/2009 at 2:45 pm // Reply

    Exactly. Why not have a Koran on the toilet, with urine shown splattering on that. Because there would be riots and effigies being burned. Good thing Christians don’t fight back. Pick the big,slow targets.

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    • Which is why I think its always sunny in Philadelphia is funny – they show no such bias – they are an equal opportunity offender – like the onion – or like the simpsons

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    • Geesus….watch the damn show already. This has nothing to do with the Koran, but the comments about the Koran say more about you than they do LD’s humor or Curb in general. I used to hold out hope that we conservatives were onto something big in a few years but if comments about “but why not the Koran” are any indication, we’re seriously fuc*ed, literally and existentially.

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      • Bob Reed // 10/28/2009 at 11:31 pm // Reply

        Humor is subjective Mike, much like art and beauty. Just because someone isn’t amused by LD, doesn’t make them a prude. And questioning the hypocrisy of the multi-culti crew, for applauding LD while breathlessly condemning anything less than fawning praise for any grouo our of the western mainstream, is not the same as going all PC-speak oneself.

        Peronally, I don’t care for any HBO programming, but that’s not me. And to berate me for not liking LD is as closed minded as you claim that others are being…

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      • Mike – I am sure it is a fine show… I have seen it a couple of times and I wasn’t really into it. Although I have friends who love it. And I still go out for drinks with them.

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  3. The Onion skews the right far more then the left

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