On Doug Hoffman’s Unconcession

Hoffman posted a letter yesterday, outlining his reasons for “unconceding” to Owens.  Among the charges are egregious errors in reporting, but more importantly, that there’s a pattern of the errors all falling in one particular direction, which is probabilistically extremely unlikely.  Logically, he concludes that the reporting errors were deliberate.

As we know, Nancy Pelosi didn’t wait for the State of New York to certify the election results before swearing in Owens, who promptly reversed his campaign stand against the House health care bill and voted for it.  If you can, you may wish to make a donation to help support him in guaranteeing that the results are fully reviewed.

Meanwhile, as you’re probably also already aware, recovery.gov reports that 440 imaginary Congressional Districts have received $6.4 billion in stimulus money. That’s change you can believe in.

Related, via Instaglenn:

The widely read blogger and purveyor of all truth, Andrew Sullivan, was impelled to blog 17 times on the subject of Palin on the same day Americans learned that the Obama administration awarded $6.7 billion in stimulus money to non-existent congressional districts — which did not merit a single mention. To see what is in front of one’s nose demands a constant struggle, I guess.

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5 Responses to On Doug Hoffman’s Unconcession

  1. Lump Conner says:

    Persons filling out a form in which they fill in a blank that asks what district they’re in is the cause for the numerical district errors.

    That we live in a nation of morons, thanks for the reminder, Instaglenn, yu tey jeeeeenyus!

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  2. Bob Reed says:

    I guess the Chicago way doesn’t work so well when they try and go “nationwide”…

    Worked good enough to steal the election, but governance? Or should I say non-governance

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  3. Bob Reed says:

    Sully’s out looking for his pet goatse, or somethin’…

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