Access Denied

Last night, while attempting to ask a question of Martha Coakley, The Weekly Standard’s John McCormack was knocked over a freestanding bicycle-type rail by some husky dude in her company, who appears for all the world as though he could be political consultant Michael Meehan, on loan to Coakley from the DSCC. Check out the photographs, and don’t miss the video link, either.

And David Gergen thinks she comes across as more accessible than Scott Brown . . . you know, as a person, as opposed to, say, as an Attorney General.

(via my favorite Evil Giraffe)

Gregory of Yardale has more on the media spinning the incident. He fell the same way Auschwitz inmates got asphyxiated while showering. The AP “stumbles” in their coverage.

I’m sure that it was meant to have been a private push. And they would have gotten away with it, too, if not for those meddling kids.

Kathy Shaidle’s all over Media Matters’ concern over the “incident.”

Forget it, Jake. It’s Chowdatown.

Oh, look: Michael Mean is an Obama appointee. I guess he’s off the campaign trail now, but nobody knows who did it.

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  1. Rumor has it that Michael Meehan, who works for Martha Coakley, is a Yankee fan. Coakley’s assistant Meehan considers Bucky Dent a personal hero (as is Mookie Wilson). Martha Coakley’s assistant Meehan thought Wade Boggs’ career really came alive when he played for New York. Meehan, who works for Martha Coakley and the Democrats, openly mocks Tom Brady and roots for the Balitmore Ravens.

    And that Martha Coakley does not have a problem with any of this and Michael Meehan’s love of New York and Maryland sport franchises. She is too busy cowtowing to national union representatives and big pharm to worry about the Rex Sox or the Patriots.

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  2. Vile.

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  3. Dan, it is rumored that Meehan once said he admired George Steinbrenner.

    And when Meehan, who works for Martha Coakley, heard these reports he said “Good, he deserves it.”

    Vile ineed.

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  4. Coakley mocks Fenway Fans, call them idiots.

    Scott Brown, however, honors the heroes of Fenway Park and the proud traditions of Boston Sports.

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  5. This race just keeps getting better and better. Dare we even hope?

    Be well

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  6. Dan, you may want this as a post.

    H/T: Glenn Reynolds

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