How To Get Those Sweet Federal Blog-O-Bucks

From The Prowler at The Spectator:


As Attorney General Eric Holder hunkers down to avoid questions about his decision to try the Christmas Day bomber in federal criminal court and to have the bomber’s Miranda Rights protected, more information emerges on the Obama Administration’s decision to house propagandist “new media specialists” in most major Cabinet-level Offices of Public Affairs. These bloggers, paid with taxpayer funds, routinely pass along “Administration approved” talking points to bloggers and online journalists, monitor conservative or “adversarial” websites, and post comments in support of the Administration on a number of those sites.

In the case of Justice, that “blogger,” as reported by the Muffled Oar blog is Tracy Russo, a former Democrat National Committee staffer, with ties to Sen. John Edwards’ campaigns. But similar jobs also exist at the Department of Treasury, the Department of State and the Department of Education.

According to a reporter, who has covered the Department of Justice for a major financial wire service during the current administration, a number of daily newspaper reporters were aware of the work Russo was undertaking at DOJ, and yet withheld reporting the situation, “because those reporters were being given access and information from OPA that helped them with their daily news filings.”

Meanwhile, according to a career employee in the Department of Justice, both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees sent formal letters of inquiry to the Department of Justice regarding its “blogging” policies, but DOJ officials have yet to even acknowledge the letters.

Jobs created!

Related. Half the calories of regular Ellie. Please don’t leave your rejoinder in comments, Ellie, as I’ve already read it at Joy McCann’s. Frankly, since you’ve lied over and over, I don’t give a rat’s ass what your explanation is, Moby.

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  1. Bob Reed // 01/25/2010 at 8:44 pm // Reply

    Holder should just hire some of the NBP thugz that he recently gave a pass to. In addition to scoring EOE/affirmative action points, he’ll give his propaganda machine a whole new edgy feel…

    I mean, in addition to telling you how to think, if you disagree, they can credibly threaten to kick your ass too! And if they got a pass on voter rights violation, then getting them off an assault rap will be easy-peasey stuff.

    Best of all, he can say they’re in charge of having deep conversations on race with cowardly crackahz…

    I’m sure there’s at least a GS-15 rating available for that.

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