Treacher on Treacher

He’s going to undergo surgery in a couple of hours. Hope it goes well.

The interesting news is that Secret Service apparently pressured the driver (it seems) Mike McGuinn to identify himself. Still leaves a whole lot of questions.

Support him through this petition, or on Twitter with hashtag #gwstreacher (Get Well Soon, Treacher).

Patterico (who bought a copy of my book yesterday, thanks!) weighs in. So does Matt Welch of Reason. Johanna sums it up well at her place.

FishbowlDC wishes him well. Moonbattery’s Gregory of Yardale, whom I read a lot, shouts out. Media Matters finds in it an occasion to excoriate right-wing lack of accountability (because it was more like “hit and shirk”. Accountability. Jim’s apparently reached celebrity status, and has begun to look like Tucker Carlson. The Jawas send their regards. Fellow LOLster Traci Skene sympathizes. Mediabistro joins in.

Aw, heck, just go here and see for yourself.

UPDATE: Notes of Special Agent leaked. In part, they read: “Wha?” “Grindlesnab.” “I won’t do it no more, Ma.”

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4 Responses to Treacher on Treacher

  1. dicentra says:

    Wow, I was gonna say: Treacher’s pretty hot.

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  2. dicentra says:

    Do you think that after the surgery, he’ll be able to play the violin?

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  3. dicentra says:

    Wait. Jim Treacher’s real name is “Sean Medlock”?

    The world just doesn’t make sense anymore.

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  4. Topsecretk9 says:

    “or on Twitter with hashtag #gwstreacher (Get Well Soon, Treacher).”

    I get it now!!!!

    Also, I almost spit my drink reading little Eric Boehlert’s lame ass copycat attempt at trying to be like Retracto the Alpaca. Thanks for the link.

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