How Obama’s “Progressivism” Is Totalitarianism

You will remember the continuous keening about warrantless wiretapping and Echelon under President Bush the Younger, and you’ll perhaps recall that some on the left who were actually committed to privacy issues, rather than wielding them as a cudgel for Bush, felt disillusioned by the Obama administration’s decision to keep many of the Bush rules in place. But the invasions of privacy being enacted by the administration and Congress are far greater than anything even contemplated by Bush.

Obama’s plan all along, as I’ve mentioned in several posts, has been to enact Health Care Reform as applying only to American citizens, who have for the most part been paying into the (broke) system, but then to confer citizenship on the illegals now residing in this country. As we’ve seen from the mouth of SEIU, this reclassification of people who’ve abused our country’s laws is meant to provide an electoral advantage to the Democrats and Progressives who’ve been so generous with citizens’ money already—in the name of “charity” and “fairness.” Indeed, the prospect penalizes those who’ve bothered (foolishly, in retrospect) to go about seeking US citizenship in the lawful way, at considerable expense in time, money and trouble. In short, they want to make more voting clients of the welfare state, and it’s pointless to suggest to them that this might somehow negatively affect the security and well-being of the citizens to whom, theoretically, they are already supposed to answer.

To make this chicken-fried crapburger go down more easily, they are dangling the prospect of biometric identification for all citizens—after amnesty, of course. That is to say, the same people who feel that it is too great a burden for people to have to show official photo identification at the polls want to make use of verifiable ID mandatory, presumably, for virtually any sort of economic transaction. Not only that, but President Obama has expressed his support for taking DNA samples from anyone arrested for whatever reason, charged or not charged, much less convicted. Whether such steps fit your conception of totalitarian, I will leave you to decide.

At the same time, it will now be necessary for the IRS to hire 16,500 shovel-ready agents (at a cost of $10 billion, for starters) to make sure that everyone is paying their fair share of the HCR bill costs, so that health care records can be properly screened by government bean-counters, who would never under any circumstances leak information for political gain, such as the health records that Obama declined to supply the electorate during the campaign. Congresspeople, who seem to have some trouble paying their taxes in some instances, and their senior staff, will fortunately be exempt from the provisions that they are putting in place for us, presumably because this health care is so yummy they want their constituents to enjoy every delicious bite. You can be sure that practitioners of various kinds of holistic hooey will be compensated under this scheme, in the name of diversity, now that Obama has restored science to its rightful place in society; except that the practitioners will not be burdened by the same standards of care that, y’know, real physicians will . . . assuming one can find one.

And, as you know, Cass Sunstein would like to make it criminal to peddle any but government-approved conspiracy theories. That is to say that the government shall be free to libel you, but not you the government, and as in the UK the burden of proof and its expense shall fall on the accused. There are certainly many ridiculous conspiracy theories on the web and in print, but until there are no such thing as conspiracies, it would be fascistic to squelch them through means more heavy-handed than ridicule. In fact, there is nothing to prevent a government agency from designating a conspiracy theory any inference they don’t like. And whereas I personally have considered the outright ban on federal student loans for young idiots convicted of drug offenses too draconian, wait till the government has a monopoly and people are excluded from higher education on the basis of thoughtcrime. Naturally, no administration would abuse the process, but still . . . the potential exists, at least in a parallel dimension where dissent is viewed as cognitive dysfunction.

At the same time, the government will control a large swath of youth employment via AmeriCorps, where it will be necessary to be “committed to the mission,” which will be “progressive” though “non-partisan.” Party membership must have its privileges. And although the administration abhors the idea of private citizens exercising their Second Amendment rights, they advocate installing a kind of Carabinieri force of cultural revolutionaries, as numerous as those in the armed forces, to police the country internally. As Elvis Costello sang, “Have you got yourself an occupation?” (Though I agree with Jules that Enoch’s image is a little overtly gun-jumpy.)

As Obama said a couple of days ago, “This is what change looks like.” Comrades.

If you believe this is paranoid, contemplate the concerted subversion of checks and balances. “Progressivism” is totalitarianism.

Via Jules, Sowell on the Total Information Government.

If the current legislation does not entail the transmission of all our individual medical records to Washington, it will take only an administrative regulation or, at most, an Executive Order of the President, to do that.

With politicians now having not only access to our most confidential records, and having the power of granting or withholding medical care needed to sustain ourselves or our loved ones, how many people will be bold enough to criticize our public servants, who will in fact have become our public masters?

Good morning, Amerika! At last we have achieved freedom from the tyranny of choice!

Via Bob Owens:

Our petitions have been slighted; our remonstrances have produced additional violence and insult; our supplications have been disregarded; and we have been spurned, with contempt, from the foot of the throne.

And a list of grievances. Speaking of grievances, does anyone recall Bob Herbert squealing about Holder dissing the human rights hero Bartle Bull who denounced the New Black Panthers episode? Either Clyburn lied, or the Capitol Police did, or the journalists, it would seem. He seems also to have a strange appraisal of Joe Biden, and not to have read the Valukas Report. Not that it’s a big f*cking deal.

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13 Comments on How Obama’s “Progressivism” Is Totalitarianism

  1. It’s very hard not to despair. I’m not going to, though. Not yet. We have this election and the next to right this somehow.

    But yes, I agree this is their plan. I’ve been telling people privately that it made no sense for them to be staking everything on this unpopular bill. That they had to be counting on something else in order to do that. They really do think they will not be thrown out.

    Let’s prove them wrong.

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  2. infocyde // 03/23/2010 at 7:53 am // Reply

    As a Christian and a self proclaimed patriot, I think it is time to rebalance my efforts a bit. More into getting right with Jesus and allowing Him to use me to hopefully witness the Gospel to more people. I’m still going to be involved and try to do what I can politically to help turn around America, but I fear America is lost. Maybe if some more spiritually blind people were given sight things would come around. Otherwise it is like marching against a brick wall. Too many spiritual corpses in this country who can’t see that they are being manipulated and further enslaved by both the government and the sin that is present. So with a sad heart I lesson my hope and support for America,but I do recommit to my God and his eternal purpose for me. America as a nation may not last, but more America(s) as a people might last throughout eternity in the presence of God. Perhaps America has been an idol for me all along.

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  3. Thanks Dan, I’ve posted your seminal piece on the London Spectator Coffee House blog, where many here still don’t seem to understand what’s happening over there, having been fluenced by the Obamessiah even from this side of the Herring Pond.

    This despite the fact that a similar process has unfolded here for the past 60 years or so on and off, with a concentrated surge for the past 13 years.

    I did try to warn you good folks what was afoot in the run up to the General election in concert with Melanie Phillips and Trevor Loudon. But ’twas but a baby’s mewl in the Hampden Park roar, it seems.

    I still have more faith in your lot restoring the Republic and its Constitution than my lot recapturing our sovereignty and money from the EUSSR.

    I assume that there will be an attempt to merge the USSA and the EUSSR into a Dhimmitude of the New Caliphate? I shall probably only live to see the early stages; thank God! Too depressing to have to fully assimilate after our joint histories. Thus do civilisations implode and barbarians prevail.

    I invested a few quid of my pension in two copies of your book “Was it something I said?” from Lulu, btw (one for me and one for a NJ friend). Fascinating read. Every little helps (I hope) as the Tesco slogan has it. “Keep buggering on” – as Winnie advised.

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    • Frank, thanks so much. Can you provide the link?

      Also, I hope my book works in your zone, and that I haven’t foisted an “Obama gift” on you.

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  4. Sorry – ‘emend General election’ to ‘Presidential election’. I have the former on my mind as it is about to happen here and I fear will result in little change except a few corrupt faces replacing the previous ones.

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  5. Dan

    The link is:

    (comment 23rd March at 3.53pm)

    Another link that might be of interest from the Speccie blog:

    Nota bene comment 23rd March @1.1Oam, but you’ll get the flavour from the trolls, too.

    Nothing that you didn’t know already of course, but your punters should know what’s in store for them, those that don’t already, that is!

    As I said, our own GE campaign is heating up; it is useful as another indicator of what happens when Gramsci’s Gremlins have their way with a nation’s institutions: a case study.
    Deeply depressing for an old fart like me who in varying roles tried to piss against the wind for many decades. We all know what happens when you do that. Wake up my American friends, before it’s too late for you to stop the rot!

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  6. Dan – Having posted the Red Coats image, I intended to draw attn to some parallels. Not least of which is the manner in which the Colonialists, after several generations, realized that the ruling class had no interest in them whatsoever, as long as the mission of keeping Britain’s coffers full was achieved. At some point, these men and women decided that His Majesty was completely out of touch and though petitioned tirelessly, paid no heed.

    There does come a time when one follows the continuum of booked history one finds that it became necessary to identify the enemy. Once brother and sister. This is an old tale.

    Is it necessary to consider acquire targets at this point? No. Is it necessary to at least identify… profile if you will… what these who have betrayed the Republic look like? Yes.

    In 2000, I begged now Scott Walker – R from Milwaukee and candidate for Wis Governor – begged him to call the Democrats what they were (and are)… that is, Socialists, Marxists (in some cases), Stalinists (in other cases), and Communists (in others)… his response was that he didn’t think “hyperbole” like that would help things. Now, he begins to sing another tune.

    This shit is very real. And there is no compromising principles. There is no middle-ground on fundamental underpinnings of what this nation stood for.

    Consider now what the enemy looks like. The profile of that enemy. And the lengths to which he will go to remake this country in the image and likeness of… ironically… the Gimp that is England.

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    • I agree with you, Matt, and you have every right to express yourself as you wish here or wherever, but you and I both know that our intentions won’t matter a bit if our opponents are able to make a propaganda victory out of what we say—to say that we advocate violence per se, rather than resistance. Jules is quite a scholar of the Colonials, and I think that that’s his point.

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      • hmmm. I think we may have gone beyond that point. I mean, PR concerns are more of a luxury than ever. And the PR battle will never be won through the “regular channels” – there are unwashed millions who prefer action to subtle gentlemanly gamesmanship. I am not suggesting which I prefer. But I think discussions of “brand perception,” while interesting, is just so much ho-hum to the same voters you concern yourself with. This is, as always, a matter of ideas. Strip the packaging! now that is what most voters would love to see.

        And anyway, if it is the case that the ideas that Conservatives promote are not welcomed by the majority of citizens anymore, then what are we arguing/fighting for?

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        • I’m not talking about PR, I’m talking about supplying a pretext for criminalization. I think that if we cultivate a bit of ambiguity, we make them demonstrate what they are really about.

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        • Enoch_Root // 03/24/2010 at 7:15 am //

          isn’t criminalization a given at this point?

          even if not, I cede your point.

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  7. John Stroup // 06/23/2010 at 9:28 pm // Reply

    What an encouragement. I’m aware that the agenda of post-modern progressives has been around for quite sometime, and yet most Americans have been happily oblivious to it’s existance and growth. If you look at the PMPs hit list, you will notice a lot of them are playing out in policy defining battles that are going on before us now.
    The border issues, public health care, gun rights, legalization of drugs, cap and trade, etc.
    I think it not too late, yet, but the time of reaping the benifit of the blessing without recognising the blessor is over. The time of sitting back and thinking that, if left alone, this ship will right itself is over. There are those that would, are, and want to grab the wheel of this ship.
    Now is the time to read, all that your head will hold, on these issues. Notice that progressivism thrives in academia, they have a head start. Engage in dialog on the various topics, but know what your talking about. With cogent discourse, a roll up your sleeves outlook, and a readyness to get messy, this can be pulled from the fire, still. There are absolutes, regardless of what is being taught.

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