Moron Sleazestakgate (Now with Moron Walpingate)


Of course in the case of Sestak and his putative job offer, we have no idea what actually happened. But we do know the sleaze factor is high – and not just because of the presence of Bill Clinton whose SQ (Sleaze Quotient) may be even higher than his IQ. Clinton is merely a product of “The Culture of Narcissism.” Obama et al are the product of something worse – “The Culture of Chicago.”

Frankly, I have a tad of nostalgia for Clinton because, Monica excluded, he was a much more sensible (and honest – believe it or not?) man than Obama and far less of a threat to our country and the world. Not nearly as much went wrong under eight years of Clinton’s watch than in less than one year of Obama’s. It’s pathetic, actually, that Bill is now so willing, as apparently he was, to carry water for the new President in this kind of cheesy operation. Can you imagine George W. Bush doing such a thing for some Republican president? I can’t.

But the real issue now is not the “Deep Dish Sleazemeisters” from Chicago. They are who they are. Rod Blagojevich, Rahm Emanuel and Barack Obama are all cut from the same cloth.

The real issue is our media – the Fourth Estate that we all are supposed to depend on to vet these people. When Nixon was President, they did so with an alacrity hitherto unseen. With Obama, as we all know, it has been completely the reverse. The press’ record on investigating the President – as a candidate and in office – has been nothing short of embarrassing. Even at the recent press conference, the first in months, only Fox News’ Major Garrett and ABC’s Jake Tapper disported themselves as genuine journalists. The rest appeared like Izvestia wannabes at a Moscow presser circa 1962, only slightly better dressed.

Relax, Chumley. President Obama cannot fail. We'll call up Phineas J. Clinton.

Heh. The Man with the Golden Thing.

Related: Court dawdles on Walpingate. More pressure tactics, and offering jobs that people are ineligible to take.

I would say they got complacent, because of the press’s incuriosity regarding anything that might reflect badly on Teh One.

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4 Comments on Moron Sleazestakgate (Now with Moron Walpingate)

  1. Bob Reed // 05/29/2010 at 8:57 am // Reply

    And the usual suspect used to palaver on about the intellectual incuriosity of Booooooooooosh!

    Seems to me they should be wondering about the press these days, with very few exceptions.

    Although, as noted in a later post, the bloom is definitely off the rose vis-a-vis the press corps. Will that mean more straight journalism? Not likely, but it may mean less intentional cover for Obama personally.

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  2. I am sure Bill Clinton offered Sestak something substantial to drop out, in a slick willie sort of way. These guys have now aligned their stories and will never agree to a special prosecutor.

    What a chump Bush was to have Ascroft recuse himself and his deputy appoint a special prosecutor? Obama is smart enough to never have that happen. Because Eric Holder would never allow that to happen.

    Now that is ethics for you!

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  3. “Sen. S.I. Hayakawa on Wednesday spurned a Reagan administration suggestion that if he drops out of the crowded Republican Senate primary race in California, President Reagan would find him a job.”

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  4. “Not nearly as much went wrong under eight years of Clinton’s watch than in less than one year of Obama’s”.
    – Except for the first terrorist bombing of the World Trade Center, which Clinton did absolutely nothing about, which led to the 9/11 attack.

    I do however agree with the “Deep Dish Sleazemeisters from Chicago” comment. Being from Chicago I know that they are all from the same mold, and I can tell you that as soon as Obama beat the equally moronic Alan Keys for the Illinois senate seat in 2004 he was bombarded with questions about running for president.
    Question: Why?
    To which he tried to stifle by telling people “hey, I just became a senator lets not get ahead of ourselves”.
    So what happened…
    Ted Kennedy and Harry Reid saw Obama as the perfect “electable” candidate to speed rush a 40 year old liberal agenda to get passed. Kennedy had tried to get this radical health reform bill passed in every Democratic Presidency since Jimmy Carter. To their credit, both Carter and Clinton both essentially said “no, if we’re going to do it let’s take our time and do it right. Alas, not with Obama. He took it hook line and sinker, and now we are left with an unsustainable bill that if left unmodified will leave this country with a debt building monster (for both the government and citizens).
    Obama is only a puppet who was used by the liberal movement to get these types of agendas passed. He is by no means any type of revolutionary or humanitarian that the party claims him to be. I give them credit for running a successful marketing campaign (not Presidential, but marketing).
    Obama needs to go in 2012 before the liberal agenda gets securely locked in between 2012 and 2016.
    If you think that my comments are just coming from a conservative spewing hate towards a liberal you are wrong.
    I consider myself a moderate who dislikes both the extreme liberal and conservative agendas.
    What I am trying to point out in this post is simply that Obama is only a carefully planned puppet that the liberals believed (and correctly) would get elected due to demographic profiles and gullibly pursue vacuous campaign promises.
    And to date, he has met expectations.

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