Why People Hate The Opinionated

Most of my friends are “difficult” personalities. In fact, most of the people I like to spend time with are as well.

Of course I find them curious… these difficult people… I love to be around them. I love to argue with them. I love to observe them. These agitators, troublemakers, pot-stirrers… these forceful people who will not suffer the fool. These awful people who won’t just STFU. People who would rather lose everything and retain their dignity than gain everything and lose their independence. I love those that refuse to comply for compliance sake.

I think these terrible people deserve better than to be loathed by the geldings of the world. Those who “go along to get along.”

I think the true freemen and freewomen of today are the same sort who when a culture finds itself in a jamb become heroes.

Those that hate the opinionated likely do so because they haven’t the same bravery, force of will, endurance, or conviction. Opinions reflect beliefs. Beliefs that are offered are subject to challenge and scrutiny, where they are vindicated or laid to waste. A man who claims beliefs that he will not expose to scrutiny casts those very same beliefs into suspicion. There is an economy of thought in the world. And we are charged with the prudent management of this economy. To withhold – nay, to hoard – one’s opinion, while often the safest route – is selfish and unbecoming. Sure, there isĀ  the matter of the appropriate time and place to do so. But this confirms that not all times and all places are inappropriate for doing so.

I love courageous people. Even when what they espouse is so much bullshit. To throw one’s opinions/ideas/beliefs into a cage-match is not just invigorating – it is the most charitable thing we can do for our fellow-men and women. For future generations. For the economy of thought and the salvation of souls.

It is oft cited that “opinions are like assholes – everyone has one.” But, the crucial aspect of this simile is rarely afforded the light of day: “people who don’t express their opinions are – ultimately – full of shit.” At least in my book.

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  1. We no longer have the luxury of silence. We fight or die.

    Oh, by the way, cause and effect comes into play when we realize that all of our friends are as argumentative as we are. No one else will hang out with us.

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  2. Meh, it depends.

    I don’t talk politics or religion with most people, b/c it gets tiresome. I’m surrounded by atheists who think that I’ve never heard their clever demolition of Christianity, and then I get it from the other side where I’m going to hell for worshipping statues.

    Anyway, I tell most people here in liberal yankeeland that they really don’t want to know my opinion about x,y,z as I’m probably the most conservative person they’ve ever met, and yes, I do really believe transubstantiation and all that crazy Catholic stuff. At which point, they admit that yeah, they don’t want to know my opinion about stuff.

    ….and so I blog. The people who come here are asking for it, and so they’re gonna get it. ;)

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  3. I think I agree with just about every bit of that. Personally, I’ve never had time for the apathetic and disinterested. They bore me.

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  4. It must have been “fun” at Collins family gatherings.

    I am just guessing here.

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    • Ummm – if by “fun” you mean people getting annoyed, arguing, fighting, getting pissed off, and lots of kids making lots of noise and people at the ends of their respective ropes… then, yeah, definitely “fun”

      … for about 20 minutes.

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  5. …for about 20 minutes?

    Was that when the police were called?

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  6. As the blacksheep of my family, I agree with this. In the past few years, I’ve lost friends because I didn’t agree with whatever MSNBC or DNC talking points they were spouting. Funny how that works.

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  7. it’s ok – the overly-agreeable aren’t worth keeping in the script anyway.

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  8. indobess // 04/27/2013 at 4:18 am // Reply

    I don’t agree. Holding an opinion is one thing, but being overbearing and forcing this opinion on others is another.

    I think most strong and healthy people have opinions, however opinionated persons are zealous in both their holding and conveying of this to others.

    for example, a healthy person may say:

    “Why do you think Obama is not a good president? I personally don’t mind him, and like him for his character/intellect over anything else.”

    “Ha ha! So he speaks well and went to the Ivy League, big deal, I don’t get how anybody can like Obama. He’s a liberal pinko!”

    “Well, I’m just stating my own opinion. I don’t agree with his policies generally, but I like him for his persona.”

    “And I’m just stating MY opinion, that Obama is a jerk who can’t govern! I don’t get how anybody else can think that!”

    Opinionated people are often like my hypothetical Obama hater. it’s not that they hold strong opinions (any healthy person should IMO). It’s how they assert, convey and communicate this to others.

    this is why opinionated people are “hated”, not because people fear them or even envy them.

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  9. As someone just mentioned, opinionated people tend to impose their thinking on others.
    A good friend of mine falls into this category, and she always interrupts me before I finish my conversation (while expressing my opinions). That, can be pretty annoying.

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