Big Oil Maneuvering and Vestiture, or The Unified Theory of Obama Fail

As William Teach points out, the left blogosphere is freaking out over the revelation that the judge who overturned the moratorium on deep-water drilling has investments in oil stocks. I would rather that that weren’t the case [correction: it was not actually the case], honestly, but it is a demonstrable fact that the Obama administration deliberately misrepresented the findings and recommendations of their panel of experts regarding what should be done. Ken Salazar is seeking the overturning of the overturning of the moratorium on drilling.

Meanwhile, what’s not receiving a lot of focus is Obama’s own economic interests in preventing Gulf drilling. As I mentioned yesterday, Obama’s wealth is largely held in two Vanguard funds. Vanguard was among the companies that dumped BP stock shortly before the disaster. It now turns out that BP informed the office of mineral managment that there were problems with the well back in mid-February. That led to the sacking of Birnbaum, no doubt, though Pelosi tried, with her usual mendacity, to blame it on burrowed-in Bush holdovers. Apart from the timing of the stock dumping, and the revelation that the feds had indeed been informed earlier on of potential problems, there’s the issue of Soros’ timely investment in Petrobras, backed up by US billions. Many of us found it scandalous that Obama was opposed to US offshore drilling before the disaster, but ready to invest in offshore drilling for Brazil, which, environmentalists will tell you, has the greatest biodiversity on the planet. Those rigs represent an enormous investment. If there’s a moratorium, they’re not going to wait around for it to be lifted: instead, they will move to where they are permitted to be utilized, in this case, Brazil.

China is backing Cuba to perform drilling in the Gulf. Other countries will no doubt wish to up their stakes. Those operations will be completely outside of US control.

But for Obama and company, that’s not a bug, but a feature, because what they really want to do is convert the US economy away from oil towards biofuels, wind, and other renewables, despite the disastrous economic consequences already experienced by nations that tried to bottle unicorn farts. That they have significant investment in such projects is entirely justifiable in their eyes, because of the benefits they naively believe such schemes will confer. These projects are to be mandated by the EPA power grab and the imposition of cap-and-trade schemes, benefitting the likes of Franklin Raines, and justified through the cultivation of climate hysteria.

Mistress of Disaster and Serial Architect of Fail Jamie Gorelick meanwhile works as legal counsel for BP, and like Raines earned millions for driving Fannie and Freddie into the ground and imposing an enormous burden on US taxpayers. No clawback for them.

Circling back to Salazar, the Department of the Interior has been charging the Border Patrol millions in fines for “ecological damage” inflicted in the performance of their duties. It’s my belief that those people negatively affected by the federal government’s refusal to enforce the laws of the US ought to sue the hairy hide off of the agencies responsible. That Mexico has gotten involved in this dispute is a travesty. And it turns out that Kyl was absolutely right about what Obama intends: to make border security, despite the invasion of savage Mexican drug lords, hostage to the vote-building strategy of blanket legalization.

There’s simply no other way to explain the administration’s refusal, rather than mere inability, to come to grips with the spill. They see it as an opportunity, and Rahm has already signalled that in the upcoming elections, the Dems intend to run against BP, despite their own links with the company that was going to save the world.

UPDATE: La Malkin, The Threat of Illegal Alien Amnesty-by-Executive Order.

IBD on Soros and Salazar. More on Petrobras.

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57 Responses to Big Oil Maneuvering and Vestiture, or The Unified Theory of Obama Fail

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  2. Black Sabbath says:

    Remember folks, if you want this madness to end, support and vote in Conservatives this November. Let’s do our part to neutralize this incompetent horror in the White House. And demand that your rep repeal Obamacare.

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  3. Hello says:

    Hey. I seriously require help starting out online. Can somebody reply to this post and ping me an email. Will pay for private techning!

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  4. And the INVASION continues…

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  5. MEC2 says:

    American politics has fallen into farce – were we supposed to find a judge who did NOT own oil stocks? Can’t we then infer that the conscious decision of that judge to not own oil stock in and of itself is ALSO a prejudicial condition?

    Insanity. Too much power in the hands of Washington is leading to national dementia over who gets what and how and who gets to tell everyone else how to live.

    This will end badly.

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  6. Dan Collins says:

    Turns out that the judge had divested all oil-related stocks a while back:

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  7. happyfeet says:

    that would make a good post all by itself I think Mr. Dan

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  8. Willys says:

    The Chicago cabal can’t push the U.S. into progressive socialism until they have stopped the cash flow in the coastal states.

    No oil – no jobs – no cash

    Please, No’bama

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  9. jgreene says:

    These criminals in the White House and DemocRATic Congress have to be removed as soon as possible or there is going to be a civil war that will not be bloodless.

    They are KILLING our economy and the future of the American People. We do NOT have to stand by and watch Marxists and Socialists destroy our country.

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  10. M. Simon says:

    We can destroy the drug cartels the same way we destroyed the criminal alcohol industry. Legalize.

    Drug cartels are a government program.

    It wonders me that so many on the right favor price supports for criminals and terrorists (drug money from Afghan poppies supports jihad).

    You would almost think that Rs are as dumb as Ds.

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    • buddy larsen says:

      I agree –there’s already an American GDP or two sloshing around the drug-crime-revolution underground. Good Lord a mighty, just repeale the whole thing tomorrow –and then let’s just give it a wait-and-see if things get worse –or better.

      We can’t stay where we are. And we ain’t gonna hang pot-smoking teenagers.

      hell, we could get out of bizzaro world, where everybody but Americans know we’re protecting poppies for Genovese and Gambino, represented by Pelosi and Reid

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  12. el polacko says:

    so the judge owns oil stock… so do michael moore and al gore.

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  13. happyfeet says:

    but actually he doesn’t own oil stock it was just an Associated Press lie

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  14. Gee Dubya Bush says:

    Miss me yet?

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  15. Larry says:

    While I see no signs of conspiracy in causing the spill, it’s not crazy to think that somebody in the administration is thinking, “If this spill gets a lot worse, we may have the crisis we need to move the country greenward. We may have to give up a few extra marshes to save the planet.”

    Similarly, Obama yesterday bashed the health insurance companies again, for raising premiums more than he wants. Again, somebody may be thinking, “We couldn’t get single payer, but if we can destroy private health insurance by regulation and obstruction, there won’t be anyplace left to turn but government.”

    I’m looking for signs that this is wrong. None yet.

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