When Congresscritters Attack – The Bob Etheridge, D-NC Edition [updatedx2]

Please tell me the difference between this

And this.

Also, the kid has excellent self-control – I would have beaten the shit out of that old geezer, Bob Etheridge (D – NC) – a good left hook is what the doctor orders.

What the hell is going on? Is this part of the “in yo grill” campaign?

UPDATED X1 – WEIRD – in an effort to serve the DNC and His Highness, El Presidente Obama from embarrassment, it appears that the video has been wiped from YouTube.

Well, here you go… on a more free speech friendly platform.

Update x2- the ass-face’s opponent – don’t know about her hair, but am following Renee Ellmers on twitter now. @Renee4Congress

H/T Fishman

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3 Comments on When Congresscritters Attack – The Bob Etheridge, D-NC Edition [updatedx2]

  1. Congressman Etheridge, you really need to dial back the morning eyeopeners. I love bourbon as much as the next guy, but having it with breakfast is usually a bad idea (although there are times it is great).

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  2. “who’s ass to kick”

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  3. Remember North Carolina, Congressman Etheridge supports the Presidential commission for deficit reduction:

    Watching this Presidential commission discuss strategies for deficit reduction is like watching a pack of gluttons talk about getting in shape while they prowl up and down a buffet table. They linger over the deep-fried mortgage interest deduction caps, dip their spoons into the rich chocolate of the VAT tax, and lick their lips as they wait for the expired Bush tax cuts to pop out of the oven. They end up perched on the edge of creaking chairs, tittering at the wonderfully naughty idea of devouring everyone’s 401k plans for dessert. It’s a nauseating spectacle that will only end when they’re escorted from the restaurant by angry voters.

    Yeah, I’m angry. Not quite Congressman Etheridge angry, but I also did not put two shots of bourbon in my coffee this morning. Then again, I am not a mean drunk.

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