SEIU Terror, Latin American Anti-Semitism, CNN Lies About Bible Burning


Last week the F.B.I. targeted terror suspects in Illinois and Minnesota. In Illinois one of the suspects was a Wright College teacher and the other an SEIU leader.

Joseph Iosbaker is an SEIU Leader. The sheepish Chicago Media went weak in the knees when Mr. Iosbaker and SEIU used the closing of the Republic Windows factory several years ago as a forum for disgraced Governor Blagojevich. Now, Iosbake [sic] is being investigated in a terrorist plot.

The Chicago media is following the lead of what they are told and tasked. SEIU is disappearing from the news reports on Iosbaker and his wife Wright College instructor Stephanie Weiner. They may be linked to anti-Israeli and Columbian FARC terrorism and that is what the Federal Bureau of Investigation is . . .investigating.

Later in the post, this email received by the author is reproduced:

This is interesting. I teach on a part-time basis at Wright and the divide between the full-time and adjunct faculty is a wide one. As such, I do not know Weiner.

What I can attest to is that:

1. Bill Ayers has been invited to address the students within the past four years as an extracurricular exercise.

2. One of the handful of student groups on campus is “Students for Peace and Justice” which promotes LBQT issues, hatred of Israel and a homeland of Palestine.

3. In recent months, various maps posted on campus have been defaced by pro-Arab students. The state of Israel was scratched off of the maps.

The FBI doesn’t anticipate any arrests at this time, but the operation is part of an investigation into material support of terrorism. Specifically, the allegations concern Latin American and Middle Eastern terror organizations.

It’s nice to know that the FBI are making that connection. At Pajamas, Stefan Frank has a terrific piece about state-sponsored anti-Semitism in Venezuela. Venezuela is largely dependent on oil revenues and part of the OPEC cartel. It has cultivated relations with some of the most despicable Middle Eastern regimes, and as the article demonstrates, has become the supportive habitation of every kind of conspiracy theory crank. Recent intelligence suggests that Chavez, who can’t keep the lights on, despite the oil revenues, and whose leadership is so effective that Caracas is now the most dangerous city in the world, beating out contenders like Karachi by a country mile, has been shopping around for fissionable material. Fidel Castro’s recent bombshell rant against anti-Semitism must be understood to have been directed in part at his continental admirer, who has simply gone too far. The sabre rattling at Colombia is part and parcel of the usual fascist strategy, as is Chavez’ transparent attempt to rig elections and cow the opposition by threat of violence.

In Brazil, a brave artist is speaking violence to power by representing himself murdering, among others, the Pope, George W. Bush, and the Queen of England. Not, apparently, among his targets of world malefactors whom he longs to bring to justice are any of the Middle Eastern monsters who continue to imprison, torture and wantonly slaughter their own. Naturally, burning of Korans is verboten, but excitable Muslims in Karachi found it fit to burn Bibles, musical instruments, and other religious texts at a Pentecostal church a day or two ago.


The Quran teaches Muslims to respect the sacred books of Christians and Jews as well, says Chris van Gorder, a religion professor at Baylor University in Texas.

“To burn a holy Quran for a Muslim is to throw down a gauntlet,” he says. “Those who deface any holy book, including the Bible, in many Muslim countries today, will be executed.

“How many Bibles have been burned in the Muslim world in the last nine years? None.”

A Google search of Pakistan+Bible+burned shows that the good professor is misinformed. In fact, it brings up examples of Bible burning from quite a broad swath of Dar al-Salam. On the other hand, if you relied entirely on CNN for your news, you might find that believable.

I know that they weren’t books, but I’m certain that the destroyers of the Bamyan Buddhas were harshly dealt with. You’ll find this same variety of academic emotionally denounce the burning of Mayan codicils by 16th century monks.

But then again, some lies must be nurtured, because they are so instructive.

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  1. I heard that, after they blew up the Buddhas, the Taliban slaughtered some livestock as an atonment sacrifice, for having taken so long to do the job.

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