Gawker’s Christine O’Donnell Hit Piece

I’m not going to link it, and I suggest you don’t bother going over there. To sum: some anonymous dude claims that years ago he had non-vaginal sex with Christine O’Donnell after she showed up tipsy with a girlfriend at the apartment he rented from O’Donnell’s aunt. To prove it, he’s got a bunch of pictures of her in a ladybug costume. Here’s the Memeorandum link.

Elsewhere on Gawker there’s an article about how you can tell whether your Halloween costume might be RAAAAACIST, so as not to appear offensive. Etiquette, see?

“Hey, your costume is raaaaacist.”

“Fuck off, paleface.”

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2 Responses to Gawker’s Christine O’Donnell Hit Piece

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  2. Topsecretk9 says:

    Nicely put, Dan.

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