Jobs Come and Go… The Webbertubes are Forever – PART I

This is a story about a certain someone I know quite well. Someone whose work ethic is above reproach.

This is a story about how that someone went to work for a certain company – Jones Lang LaSalle – and performed, achieving much… not according to her own words, but according to the voices of the people she worked with day in and day out.

This is the story of a boss going through a gnarly divorce… distracted and unable to fulfill his obligations to the company.

This is the story of that boss’s boss: an unhappy, middle-aged, new age, slovenly, envy-monkey…

This is the story of, in my humble opinion, a conspiracy hit-job on an outstanding employee… entirely manufactured and without merit.

This is the story of two incompetent buffoons in positions of power and the damage people like them can do (through their unwillingness to act in an ethical business-like fashion) to a business’s reputation – and worse, to the individuals who dare to shine… point out inefficiencies, provide solutions, work-arounds, and whose performance, whose abilities, whose nature, whose personality, whose confidence is enough to make mediocre, far-too-comfortable, private sector managers act in the spirit of peter-principle bureaucrats. This is the story of how a buried event conducted in a shroud of sneakiness – the firing of person in question – should be known throughout the organization, the executives of the organization, and people considering working for the organization. This is the story of shedding light on an untoward event.

A Corporate Hit Job in the Commercial Real Estate Services industry – on someone who thought there was a future  job / career

Read Part II tomorrow….

Thematically Related

“I just rubbed some of the people who have been there so long the wrong way.” He is very humble and I knew the entire reason needed to be pulled out of him.

“Some people found you curt or you didn’t involve them enough in decisions?” I asked, having worked with him and seeing the internal politics just enough to see the red flags. “They were women, right?”

He looked a bit stunned but it was the distance between Mars and Venus that was the problem. It was not a question of power, misogyny, racism or any other isms as much as it was inclusion and recognition. Nobody wants to spend the prom standing in the rain, looking longingly through the window.

Also Related

The Lapdog Hero is at once the most tremendous asset a company has, and is also the biggest pain in the ass a company can have. I know because I am one.

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  2. Joy Naseath // 01/31/2011 at 9:55 am // Reply

    I am not Jaba the Hut…

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    • Enoch_Root // 02/11/2011 at 6:23 am // Reply

      About Joy Nasaeth – in her own words:

      “Raw Foodie, reincarnated mermaid, swamp & stitch witch, herbologist, aromatherapist and Flower Essences. Love to make lotions, potions, tinctures and use therapeutic gemstones. Spiritual counselor for over 30 years with clienets around the world.”

      Interests (outside of Raw Food):
      Avid reader, part-time knitter, beader hiker, swimmer, make my own lotions. I love music and dance and honor all spirits!”


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  3. When will the second shoe drop? Well, when the hits to this page go up, of course. The intertubes are forever.

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  4. Hello Chicago! Hello Milwaukee! Hello Jones Lang LaSalle Human Resources!

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  5. Gotta love the Google! Spider me this, algorithm.

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