Officer Down

Every time a law enforcement officer pulls over a vehicle, he takes a risk.  Yesterday, a 23 year old Highway Patrol Officer from Montana was fatally shot by a man he had pulled over on rural road near Three Forks, MT.   The manhunt was finally ended when the asshole was found dead in his truck 35 miles from where he killed Trooper DeLaittre, but the life he took first is one that should be remembered.  Barely two years on the Patrol, let me repeat; he was only 23 years old. 

It was a senseless act of savage violence.

RIP, David DeLaittre

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Living life at 84 mph and 7000 feet. All I ask is that you don't block traffic, act like a professional, and don't act all surprised when your actions have consequences. Oh, and don't complain about the refs; trust me, they don't care if your team wins or not.

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  1. As a retired officer, I appreciate when the valor of an officer is noted, or when an officer is slain, we commemorate his life. TY for your post.

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  2. snaqwells // 12/03/2010 at 1:02 pm // Reply

    Honestly, it’s the least I can do. Early reports were that the shooter had taken his own life later; but I’m starting to think the young trooper was able to fire just enough rounds to take care of his own murderer.

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  3. I had only lived in MT about a month when I had my first interaction with a Trooper. Without going into all the boring details (I was first responder at a single car accident) he was as nice and pleasant as could be, a totally different beast compared to pretty much every other cop I’d ever dealt with previously. When it all was over he thanked me and actually offered me a hand shake. Over the years I had contact with them a few more times, and every time they proved a better breed than the rest.

    There a long stretches of nothing out in Montana. It has to be a constant concern to know that you are essentially operating alone and help might be a long way off. But I think this also contributes to their demeanor – good will and mutual respect being their first line of defense.

    It’s a shame to lose one.

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