BeefCake Weekend 2011Vol.1

Youtube refused to upload the video for hours…don’t know why, but it’s up now.
sooooooo here ya go!! :)

Note: This was supposed to be football players but SOMEBODY told me they would be too controversial and so you got Alex, thanks to my friend Connie.

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Sometimes stuff rumbles around in my brain that's longer than 140 characters and, well......twitlonger just seems like cheating. :)
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6 Responses to BeefCake Weekend 2011Vol.1

  1. Falahime says:

    Ahhh! Sorry! I’m just a big blob of controversy and flakiness! >_<

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  3. Bob Reed says:

    C’mon Dede, you mean you couldn’t find any quality photos of some tight ends ?

    Maybe you weren’t looking hard enough, or in, er, the right places :)

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    • Dede says:

      I didn’t look at all …Falahime wanted PARTICULAR football players and I forgot who. I asked her and she said that maybe I shouldn’t do it because football can be controversial. ::gigglesnort:: but she wouldn’t give up the names of the guys she liked so I did one of a guy I like. Just be glad it wasn’t Eric Balfour again….all though that’s looking good for next week if I can get the video clips trimmed that I need by then. :)

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  4. Dawn Marie Arnold says:

    THANK YOU!!!!! HEE HEE!!! Love it!

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