Christina Hendricks’ Ethical Body

From the Telegraph:

Plastic surgeons say the [upward] trend [in breast enhancement surgery] is due in part to the popularity of the television series Mad Men – and of Christina Hendricks, its voluptuous star.

Statistics to be released by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) on Monday are expected to show that the number of women having breast augmentations jumped by more than 10 per cent last year after stalling in 2009.

A BAAPS source suggested that Hendricks was influential in the increase, which means that for the first time more than 9,000 women a year in Britain are having surgery to boost their cleavage.

The source said: “You could argue that. Christina Hendricks is gorgeous, and the hourglass figure is definitely back in fashion. Let’s just say that heroin chic isn’t the big thing at the moment.”

Breast augmentation has always been Britain’s most popular plastic surgery procedure, but the growth in uptake suggests that hundreds of women are defying the economic downturn and instead cheering themselves up with enhancements.

Let’s consider this from a feminist perspective.

* It’s good that women aren’t emulating “heroin chic”
* It’s bad that women are undergoing breast enhancement, because that implies that they have an issue with their bodies
* It’s not Christina Hendricks’ fault
* It’s a function of the “male gaze”
* I wish men thought I was hot
* The bastards!

Now let’s consider it from the Stacy McCain perspective.

* Christina Hendrix is hot
* Natural boobs are better than surgical boobs
* Red heads!

I’ve nothing much more to add to that.

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62 Responses to Christina Hendricks’ Ethical Body

  1. KillTruck says:

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  2. KillTruck says:

    FWIW, as someone who actually owns a pair, I belief Hendricks’ are real.

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    • jefferson101 says:

      Absent the opportunity to do a serious direct inspection (Yeah, like that’s going to happen!) I’ll vote “present” on that one.

      And, since I’m not going to be getting up close and personal with them, their realness, or augmentedness, as the case may be, is actually of little concern to me.

      But it is something to talk about besides how stupid the Republicans are, and how vile the Democrats are, so it’s got that going for it, right?

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    • Meep says:

      I agree. Even though mine are teensy.

      But — I got a huge ass!

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  3. Mike C says:

    Fake boobs – not my preference really.

    But, on the flip-side: why do some women with naturally large, lovely boobs want to get them reduced?

    Seriously – in the male brain, a woman who wants to get her boobs reduced is sort of like a man who wants to get his dong shortened.

    Maybe, in the name of health care reform, breast reductions could be outlawed as unnecessary and mutilating surgeries?

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  4. KillTruck says:

    Big jugs can cause really serious back problems. We have to take them everywhere we go. They can get cumbersome. I can think of 3 women off the top of my head that have either had them reduced or are considering it.

    Personally, I wouldn’t want anything more than a C cup.

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    • Dan Collins says:

      Yeah. That’s just greedy.

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    • Calvin Dodge says:

      They still have their benefits, though, so one must weigh the tradeoffs.

      When my mom worked at the Colorado School of Mines, she struck up a friendship with a well-endowed female student. The student had really enjoyed “Star Wars”, so whenever some fellow asked her for a date, she’d reply with “sure – let’s go see ‘Star Wars’”.

      She saw it 47 times.

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  5. ertdfg says:

    “* Natural boobs are better than surgical boobs”

    Really? Not the way my hierarchy works.

    1) Ones I get to play with.

    2) Ones I get to see.

    3) Ones presented with nice cleavage, perhaps side or underboob?

    … um?

    4) I guess now considerations of “real” or variations in cup size, etc. may come into play.

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  6. Big Boss Ogg says:

    Well, if I may toss in my 2¢ worth, Miss Hendricks is most assuredly not sporting the Sear and Roebuck Mansfield Model #40D’s. From my 6’8″ vantage point, I stood and watched her and her husband walk past me once in LA, and ‘the twins’ had that jello-like shimmy that bespeaks factory equipment.
    That being said, her taste in men leaves something to be desired, as she’s married to the nebbish who played white turbaned Terrorist #2 in the Muhammad!Hussein! skit in An American Carol.

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  7. TC says:

    Her body type is much better that the bag’0′antlers look that is popular among models

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  8. Lawrence, Kansas 66044.

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  9. Feminazis have no idea says:

    Tits be fugazi as a 3 dollar bill

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