Scott Walker… Wisconsin Governor – Doing What I Expected

One of the craziest things I have heard floated by the Left is that Governor Walker’s initiatives are a surprise… that somehow he duped the voters into voting for him and that he is somehow now undertaking policies that run counter to what voters expected. This is not so in the least. It is a sad attempt to discredit Wisconsin voters. It is a canard designed to undercut the validity of the election in November. The piggies on the Left never tire of floating lies… even when the truth is so very obvious to anyone armed with a search engine.

Governor-elect Walker campaigned for 18 months on controlling state spending, part of which is bringing public sector benefits in line with the private sector. He would simply like all options on the table as he works to fulfill the promise he made to taxpayers,” more

On November 4th of 2010 I posted what I expected Walker to do with the vote I cast for him:

1) ACCOMPLISHED – IN SPITE OF THE LEFT’S TANTRUMS – Kill off Governor Doyle’s “car-speed rail” project – which no one in Wisconsin wants – at least no one who isn’t feeding at the trough of the State.

2) IN PROGRESS – Photo ID – requiring a photo id be presented before casting a ballot – which 80% of the State Electorate (including Democrats, to their credit) favors and Doyle and his slime ball cronies killed time and again (one wonders precisely why).

3) Combined Reporting Repeal – this measure is a business killer… a job killer. And Scott will repeal it.

4) Concealed Carry – Wisconsin is one of only 2 states in the Union which still resists concealed carry, in spite of the stats demonstrating the positive benefits of “permitting” law-abiding citizens to do so (Illinois is the other).

5) Minimum Mark-Up Law – relating to gas prices… the State Govt actually mandates that gas stations mark-up their gas no less than X%.

6) IN PROGRESS – Hey Teachers’ Union – say hello to my little friend.

What is driving the Left absolutely bonkers is that Walker is no ordinary politician. He means what he says and says what he means. He does what he says he will do.

What people outside of the state and many “out state” cheeseheads do not seem to grasp is the iron dedication this man has and his unwavering sense of mission.

I cannot put into words adequately the types of tactics he was the target of during his time as Milwaukee County Executive. I also cannot put into words how dysfunctional Milwaukee County Government is and was and always has been.

That Walker was able to govern as he did in Milwaukee despite the open hostility to every single reform he championed is nothing short of amazing. Milwaukee County benefited immensely by Walker’s calm, unshakable, principled manner in which he governed.

Recognizing his unusual talents as a leader, the Left tried dreadfully hard to de-rail his bid for Governor. Why? Well, ask yourself why the Chicago Bears (already having had won the division) played their starters for an insignificant game against the Packers (still hunting for a Wildcard Playoff spot).

Walker is mellow… on the surface, I imagine… fiercely determined… singularly focused.

Just watch. Just watch. He walks very softly…

He will accomplish all that he said he would accomplish before the election. Perhaps he will accomplish even more. But he is doing what he said he would. And he won on that very plank. We may be kind and gentle and unassuming up here in Wisconsin… but we ain’t dumb. We voted for Mr. Walker because we know exactly what we are up against and we know he is the man for the job.

Years from now, Mr. Walker will be POTUS. Just watch.


National Education Association’s retiring top lawyer, Bob Chanin, speaking at the NEA’s annual meeting in July, 2009:

Despite what some among us would like to believe it is not because of our creative ideas. It is not because of the merit of our positions. It is not because we care about children and it is not because we have a vision of a great public school for every child. NEA and its affiliates are effective advocates because we have power.”


Here’s a question that Democrats will never answer: isn’t there supposed to be a government of, by, and for the people? Apparently not. According to the thugs, it’s a government of, by, and for unionized public employees, their unions, and members of the Democratic Party, the people who pay the bills be damned.

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5 Comments on Scott Walker… Wisconsin Governor – Doing What I Expected

  1. I’m sorry, I’m burned out with the “ooooh, maybe this guy/gal will be/run for Prez!” talk.

    And I’m definitely burned out with trusting politicians.

    I’m a distrust and verify kinda gal.

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    • I hear that. And I am not talking about the next cycle. But this guy’s completely for real. Been watching his career for almost a decade now. And amazed at what he did for Milwaukee. Especially under the circumstances.

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      • If he’s the real deal, then he shall be.

        As you say, the problem with trying to catapult Walker or Christie [or Jindal or Haley] up the ladder is that their states need them for awhile.

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  2. The X% gas mark-up, which was reinstated by a federal court, is the greater of 9.18% of the current terminal price or 6% of what the station owner paid for the gas in the holding tank. There’s companion FDR-era laws that require Black Friday adn Walmart’s Rollbacks to cost us more than shoppers in the other 49 states.

    As for Voter ID, it will be voted on in the Senate today, whether the Rats come back or not.

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  3. Bob Reed // 02/24/2011 at 9:21 am // Reply


    I had to laugh the other day in that thread-that-turned-epic just how many of the visiting commenters tried to advance this meme about the public being completely unaware of Walker’s intentions or plans for a legislative agenda. Or that being uncompromising is somehow dictatorial or non-democratic.

    I mean, he and both houses were not filled with a working majority for nothing! I presume folks have had enough of the profligate D’s over the years and Walker’s arguments appealed to them.

    What I especially like is his tone and manner, calm, confident, full of the courage of his convictions.

    I also have to agree that he could end up as POTUS one day, should he decide to run. But just as with Messers Christie, Jindal, et al, they need to finish cleaning up the messes that the progressives have left in their states, in some cases since the days of FDR!

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