Union Supporters Getting Their Thug On

Tabitha Hale from Freedom Works gets a face full of true nobility from this dude:

As far as I know, there’s not been any physical violence at the Wisconsin rallies.

There’s been a lot of speculation about the stupidity of the doctors in Madison who were handing out bogus medical excuses for protesters. It comes down to their wearing Madison goggles. When you live there, you’re surrounded by fellow bien-pensants so continuously that you lose all perspective.

The camera phone has changed all that.

Stacy has a lot more in his round-up.

UPDATE: Van Jones weighs in.

Charming. SEIU protesters get racist with black tea partier in Denver:

More charming people edumacate bad Jew who’s not promoting the healing of the world:

Meanwhile, Breitbart is naming names.

Jimmie Bise on the goon who pushed Tabitha Hale:

Now, here’s the thing. That goon was there as a member of the Communications Workers of America union to protest the “budget repair” legislation proposed in Wisconsin by Governor Scott Walker. However, the CWA is a private union, not a public sector union that would be affected by the bill and today’s protest was at the FreedomWorks HQ in Washington, DC, nowhere near Governor Walker or Wisconsin.

So why were they there? It’s not like they could influence Governor Walker’s decision, nor the decision of any Wisconsin legislator. Their presence wouldn’t change a single poll number in a state hundreds of miles away.

But there was a reason they were there, and it’s as nasty and un-American as you can imagine. FreedomWorks, as you may know, has been heavily involved in helping Tea Parties get off the ground all over the country. As a result, its employees have been the frequent target of attack by the left. Though it was not directly involved in this past weekend’s counter-demonstration beyond this post on the group’s web site, apparently someone powerful on the left felt it was, and so they sent their doltish minions to intimidate FreedomWorks’ employees.

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13 Comments on Union Supporters Getting Their Thug On

  1. I’ll be his Huckleberry. One shot knock out.

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  2. jefferson101 // 02/23/2011 at 8:18 pm // Reply

    I think that they really want to think twice about where they are heading with all of this.

    As I’ve noted before, I don’t do Tea Party rallies, simply because I tend to go most anywhere armed. I’m about as mild-mannered and placid as Shoe-Shine Boy on the average day. But they really don’t want me going all Underdog on them.

    And I know that I’m hardly along. If the goons want to start coming out, I may well start showing up. If they want to bring fists, sticks, and brass knuckles to a gunfight, so be it. And I would note that if they bring firearms, they better have been practicing with them regularly.

    I would profoundly hate to see it get that stupid, which is why I tend to stay home. But if they really want it that way?

    You don’t want to provoke some of us into action, because we’re all about finishing what we start. I am not about to start yet, but if the day comes?

    It’s going to get really ugly out there. I’m not sure that a lot of us are prepared to let the goons win by intimidation. They better be able to back it up.

    Or, as Brer Goldstein would put it: OUTLAW!

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    • I wonder if we could get our house actuary to provide some stats on gun ownership Left vs Right.

      Just saying. ;)

      jefferson – I am with you. I am serving my peers well by staying home. should it get real gnarly, I won’t be able to help myself I dont think.

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      • jefferson101 // 02/23/2011 at 8:58 pm // Reply

        I used to have some fairly hardshelled Second Amendment running buddies up there in Cheesehead country before I evacuated to the South. I know for a fact that a good proportion of them are still there, and still the same as they ever were. (I do go back on occasion. My dear Wife and I both have a lot of family up there.)

        And down here in the South? We could swarm on most anyone, should we decide to. Liberals don’t have firearms, except for a few on the far Left. And they don’t practice, mostly.

        In the more radical Second Amendment circles, I’m the guy who is always counseling caution, restraint, and reserve, actually. So if I get started?

        I’ve got a few flints for the lock of the flintlock. If nothing else, they are inflation-proof commodities. And if I need them, I’ve practiced enough to know where the sparks will land in the pan, out to 600 yards or so.

        For the Record, I neither expect or plan any kind of violence against anyone. But should it start being inflicted by others? All I can say is that they’d best not start anything that they can’t finish.

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        • Danger // 02/24/2011 at 11:22 am //

          When tempted to fight fire with fire I try to remember that the fire department usually uses water;^)

          However, I do make exceptions for thugs knockin down girls. If I had been there I would arranged for him to join her on the floor and he would have stayed there longer than she did.

          What the heck happened to chivalry in this country?

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        • Bob Reed // 02/24/2011 at 11:33 am //

          What the heck happened to chivalry in this country?

          That’s a good question; maybe it got “outsorced”…

          Still I have to wonder, don’t mom’s and dad’s teach their sons that it’s cowardly and wrong to strike a woman?

          Save for under, professional circumstances; and I’m not talking “pimp hand” here but am referring to martial arts, boxing, etc.

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        • Wait a minute – I thought the Right had a corner on the women beating market.

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      • Oh, I don’t have gun stats right now.

        I would rather imagine it would be very geography-dependent. Hardly surprising, given the wide variety of gun laws in this country.

        Now if we wanted the stats about the politics of those owning illegal guns…

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  3. Bob Reed // 02/24/2011 at 9:54 am // Reply


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  4. Holy shit. I just shared 2 of these videos on Facebook.com and they were there and then my posts to FB fucking vanished. Try it. Confirm it.

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    • Bob Reed // 02/24/2011 at 10:39 am // Reply

      Are you surprised? The Facebook kid is down with ObaMao, he’ll be helping him in 2012, no doubt.

      And why would you be wanting to sow such hateful dissent-breeding videos anyway Enoch. ;)

      All I can say is you better grab a flash copy of these before youtube takes them down as well.

      I mean, only so much truth can be allowed out lest it spoil the efforts to shape The Narrative™

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  5. SicSemperTyrannus // 02/24/2011 at 11:47 am // Reply

    A good can of wasp & hornet spray can shoot 20 feet.

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    • jefferson101 // 02/24/2011 at 8:39 pm // Reply

      That’s a chemical weapon. They’d charge you for using a Weapon of Mass Destruction, and even if you beat that one, everyone within a half-mile would sue you for exposing them to carcinogens.

      In Washington DC, a .45ACP isn’t a legal option either. In my A.O., though? Legal, moral, and usually available, unless it’s high Summer, and I’m carrying a lightweight 9mm Para.

      I’d have loved to see the expression on that face if someone had shoved a 1911 square between his eyes and told him to hit the ground alive or hit it dead.

      But that’s why I don’t go to Political rallies. I’d do something like that.

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