I Seem to Have Missed the Newspeak Memo – also BOOOOOBS

Also…. the following is are a bit much for me… but as a display of solidarity… with the Germans Japanese

Harumi Nemoto's Generosity - for some reason reminds me of Oktoberfest

Other models made in Japan

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One Response to I Seem to Have Missed the Newspeak Memo – also BOOOOOBS

  1. jefferson101 says:

    Silicone, Precious. We hates it. Yes, Precious, we hates it forever.

    Or did I mean Democrats? Sometimes we get distracted, Precious. Yes, we does get distracted. But we still hates them both, Precious.

    We hates them forever!

    Now, what were we talking about again? I got off into the link to those Japanese models and lost my train of thought there for a minute.

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