Making Out With Helen Thomas

Really? It appears the Muddle East is less desirable than Helen Thomas. At least to one voter. Ouch.

We should pull for Ms. Thomas. Me thinks. She probably looks better than Libya in a mankini.

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UPDATEx1 – You people are sick….

UPDATEx2 - Sanity Restored? Appears as if Hot Poker in the Eye Socket is about to take the lead.

Wagers welcome.

UPDATEx3 – It’s a 3-way tie. With Ms. Thomas, as you can see, losing out to Getting Hit by a Bus.

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7 Responses to Making Out With Helen Thomas

  1. SDN says:

    There is not enough Viagra in the universe…

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  2. snaqwells says:

    nor enough liquor.

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  3. jefferson101 says:

    Oh come on, people!

    You can’t convince me that you don’t secretly wish that Vivid Video would produce something starring her and Mikey Moore. Maybe Charlie Sheen could direct it.

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  5. Diondrum says:

    Thomas is so much more than the hottie among the leftist/Jihadi female journalists. She is a pillar of modern leftist thought. Please stop objectifying this paragon of hypocrisy and give her the respect she deserves…a burka. Please, Allah, give her a burka.

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    • Enoch_Root says:

      You are right of course. Ms. Thomas is the very and only reason for burkas. Maybe she and Rammit Napolitano can go for a 2 fer.

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  6. snaqwells says:

    Good Lord, that woman looks like one of the uglier characters from Dark Crystal.

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