Good Thing Cursing In Spanish Makes It Acceptable to Print

in the Orange County Weekly:

But I, along with the millions of Latinos who come from an undocumented pedigree, whether it be our parents (me), our cousins, uncles, friends, or ourselves (like all the Dreamers out there), can’t help but gloat about Vives’ background. What a wonderful chinga tu madre at the Know Nothings of the world who insist illegals can’t make anything of themselves in this country!

Yeah, you sure gave it to that stupid Yanqui strawman, and he didn’t even know it, cabrĂ³n!

From this site, with lots of other good stuff.

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4 Responses to Good Thing Cursing In Spanish Makes It Acceptable to Print

  1. CGHill says:

    Can the rise of the Latino Samuel L. Jackson be far behind?

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  2. jefferson101 says:

    Hey, Ruben:

    Go ahead. Demand amnesty. Demand entitlements. And tell me how stupid I am. Does the expression “One for the Horse you rode in on, too!” mean anything to you?

    It probably won’t, since you are so ignorant as to think that White Anglos don’t understand Spanish, or Tex-Mex, or whatever the flop it is you border-jumpers speak. Personally, I learned Castillian Spanish at an early age, and I have trouble understanding a word you folks say.

    And I’m sure that you do the “No Hablo Ingles” thing every chance you get. So go ahead. But don’t be surprised if things don’t quite work out the way you want them.

    “Y su padre tambien, maricon!”

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  3. Adam Wells says:

    Re: the FB stuff, Daniel is officially my new hero.

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