In Wisconsin, Union Vote Fraud

If they cheat on one another, is there any reason to believe they won’t do it in a general election?

If you’re trying to find vote fraud, you don’t have to wait until Tuesday’s primary.

Check out what is going on within one of the state’s largest labor unions.

The president of District Council 40 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees, which represents 33,000 government workers from Superior to Kenosha, was caught forging signatures so she could cast extra ballots in a hotly contested race at an international convention this summer.

Mary Goulding, who was elected president in 2009, has acknowledged what she did and resigned from her post. The vice president took over her job, and the election for a new veep will take place next week.

“My whole life is destroyed,” Goulding, a Green Bay school secretary, said in an often-tearful interview. “When you’re guilty, you’re guilty.”

But her actions have sown seeds of discord between her group and its union brethren.

Consider the comments of Rich Abelson, executive director of AFSCME’s District Council 48, the group that represents about 10,000 Milwaukee city and county employees. He wondered if Goulding was fessing up to the forgery incident only because she got caught.

“Where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” Abelson said. “I find it difficult to believe this was the only one.”


For more than 25 years, state Rep. Peggy Krusick could count on the state’s major labor unions to support her.

Not this time.

Groups such as the Wisconsin Education Association Council, the Wisconsin State AFL-CIO and AFSCME District Council 48 are lining up behind her primary opponent, Scott Dettman, a Greenfield business manager.

What gives?

Officially, the unions point out that Krusick had several votes that they didn’t like, including her opposition to the last two budget bills.

But many lawmakers and union types are quietly buzzing about the Milwaukee Democrat’s increasingly distracted and agitated behavior in endorsement meetings and other events.

“Personally, I was concerned,” said one labor leader.

Nearly everyone contacted by No Quarter described Krusick, who was first elected in 1983, as highly emotional and unfocused during the endorsement meetings and education sessions that often precede them. One said she refused to answer questions about issues or her primary core value, except to say she wants to help her constituents.

Another said she went on at great length at another meeting about her concerns with the Catholic Church, even though the union official is not Catholic.

“She was over the top,” said one veteran official. “I’ve not seen anything like that from a legislator or legislative candidate in a while.”

None wanted to be quoted by name, however, out of concern that she will be re-elected.

That’s guts for you.

Zombies are starving to re-death in Madison.

Molluscs need new defenses against krakens.

Arthur Clement Hilton (1851-1877)

By Algernon Charles Sin-Burn

1Strange beauty, eight-limbed and eight-handed,
2 Whence camest to dazzle our eyes?
3With thy bosom bespangled and banded
4 With the hues of the seas and the skies;
5Is thy home European or Asian,
6 O mystical monster marine?
7Part molluscous and partly crustacean,
8 Betwixt and between.

9Wast thou born to the sound of sea trumpets?
10 Hast thou eaten and drunk to excess
11Of the sponges — thy muffins and crumpets,
12 Of the seaweed — thy mustard and cress?
13Wast thou nurtured in caverns of coral,
14 Remote from reproof or restraint?
15Art thou innocent, art thou immoral,
16 Sinburnian or Saint?

17Lithe limbs, curling free, as a creeper
18 That creeps in a desolate place,
19To enroll and envelop the sleeper
20 In a silent and stealthy embrace,
21Cruel beak craning forward to bite us,
22 Our juices to drain and to drink,
23Or to whelm us in waves of Cocytus,
24 Indelible ink!

25O breast, that ’twere rapture to writhe on!
26 O arms ’twere delicious to feel
27Clinging close with the crush of the Python,
28 When she maketh her murderous meal!
29In thy eight-fold embraces enfolden,
30 Let our empty existence escape,
31Give us death that is glorious and golden,
32 Crushed all out of shape!

33Ah! thy red lips, lascivious and luscious,
34 With death in their amorous kiss,
35Cling round us, and clasp us, and crush us,
36 With bitings of agonised bliss;
37We are sick with the poison of pleasure,
38 Dispense us the potion of pain;
39Ope thy mouth to its uttermost measure
40 And bite us again!

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