Texas Still Denied Disaster Relief

I visited this story about a month ago, when only one million acres had burned, but Ed Morrissey updates us:

Over two million acres have been burned in Texas in wildfires that stretch from “border to border.” Two firefighters have already died. The effort to get the fires under control threatens to overwhelm the state, but the Obama administration has thus far refused to declare Texas a federal disaster, a declaration that would allow more resources to flow into the state to fight the fires. How urgent is this for Texans? Rep. Francisco Canseco (R-TX) put together a video demanding action, and Governor Rick Perry tweeted it out last night with this message to his followers : “Welcome Obama to Texas. Up the pressure on denied disaster relief.”

Read the rest, including video.

Fortunately for Obama, the media won’t turn this into a Katrina for him, even though the combustion of all those trees must throw a lot of CO2 and unhealthy aerosols into the atmosphere. Because the EPA.


Scott Cleland has a handy overview of Google’s slimy business practices, though he fails to note the company’s actual distortion of search data as political in-kind donations.

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14 Comments on Texas Still Denied Disaster Relief

  1. Bob Reed // 05/10/2011 at 9:33 am // Reply

    You know, I had a very eloquent and well composed comment, and near the end mistakenly hit the “esc” key with the edge of my finger and it was erased; I loathe that shit :(

    Anyway, the short shrift is that despite the MFMs refusal to turn this into a “Katrina” this blatant political retribution will come back to hurt O! in 2012 with one of the very groups he’ll be trying to fellate beginning in the next few days; Hispanics, who are a very large demographic in Texas.

    Despite the pandering to come, it won’t be hard for them to grasp that this is more about the Governor, state legislature, and congressional delegation being Rethugs, as well as Texas going into the red column in 2008, than it is about merit and need…

    The folks new into the US from Mexico understand corruption when they see it.

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  2. jefferson101 // 05/10/2011 at 11:03 am // Reply

    Why on earth would Barry want to do anything for those Bible-thumping, Gun-clinging Historically and Traditionally Republican people down in Texas, anyway?

    If he’s going to help someone out, it’s going to be someone who helped him out, right? What part of that is difficult for the rednecks to understand?

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    • I try to refrain from responding to moronic postings, but some of these are in dire need of attention. We “rednecks” as some choose to label us, are flesh and blood Americans. Just as those in other parts of the country (New Orleans)that have been hit with disasters, we expect our federal government to be there in time of need. But hey, if you feel it’s ok for Pbama to play political games in times of crisis, we can certainly change the rules. One mental midget made a comment suggesting the US doesn’t need Texas. Fine! We are the only state with teh constitutional right to secede. We control the US oil indusrty. We have an abundance of fish and game. We grow every crop we could possibly need. We are home of some of the top industurial, technical, medical, bio, and manufacturing companies on the planet. With the money we save now being sucked up by the Washington elites, we will be in a much greater position. Truth is, we don’t need you! You think gas prices are high now? You may want to rethink things before you start spewing rhetoric that makes absolutely no sense.

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      • Dan Collins // 05/10/2011 at 12:50 pm // Reply

        Hey, Joe . . . we couldn’t agree more, but I think you should turn up the gain on the Irony Lo-K-Tor.

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      • Bob Reed // 05/10/2011 at 12:50 pm // Reply

        Hey Joe,
        I’m afraid you’re getting a mistaken impression; Jefferson101 was being sarcastic, as most here are if they use the term “redneck”.

        We’re sarcastically spoofing the sweeping generalizations made by many on the progressive left of all of the folks that live in “flyover country” between the east and west coasts.

        So there was no offense intended, I assure you; as I’m also certain he’ll say himself.

        It was all in good fun.

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  3. Bob Reed // 05/10/2011 at 11:18 am // Reply

    Why does Obama hate rednecks?

    It’s GENOCIDE! I TELLS YA!11!1!(eleventy)!1!!1!

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  4. Bob, I suppose my LBSI (Liberal BS Indicator) is set on ultra sensitive.

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    • jefferson101 // 05/10/2011 at 1:41 pm // Reply

      S’aright. I left out the [/sarcasm]note at the end of the post.

      You got to look over me for things like that. Us folks down here in L.A. (That’d be Lower Arkansas), are still kind’a new at this intertubes net thing and occasionally neglect the social niceties that way.


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  5. Actually, it was another reply that got my attention. I can’t find the thread, but the writer did not appear to be “one of us”. I tend to get defensive when liberals spew crap about Texas.

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  6. Marguerite // 05/13/2011 at 8:09 pm // Reply

    Perry took the last money sent to him by DC which was supposed to go to educationa and he used it to line his pals’ pockets. So Congress tried to pass a bill that says when DC sends money to a state it must be used for the pupose it was meant for. But the Republicans won’t let that bill pass because they want to be able to steal money. Tell them to pass that bill, which was specifically written with Texas in mind, and I am sure the money will come here.

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    • jefferson101 // 05/13/2011 at 10:14 pm // Reply

      I’m down with that one, if we also pass a Bill that says that the Democrats can’t line their friends’ pockets. I want everyone cut off of the .Gov’s teat.

      Companies? Surely, but cut the Unions off, too. And PBS, and the Endowments for the Arts, and Corporate Welfare, and everything else. Planned Parenthood? Gone. Food Stamps and Medicaid, too.

      Let them all starve equally, and let’s see who manages to survive. And tax all grants to Foundations and Endowments at 90%. Soros will be hurt worse by that than anyone will be.

      Bring it on, Sunshine. Cut them all off cold!

      I love the idea.

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  7. Jefferson101: Amen & Amen! Cut em’ all off!

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