A Couple of Blogging-Related Tab Dumps and Praise for “The Delivery”

Because, layers and layers of fact checkers:

New Jersey’s state Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that legal protections allowing journalists to keep sources confidential do not apply to individuals posting to online message boards. This decision is the latest development in an ongoing debate over the blurring lines between mainstream journalists and the growing number of bloggers who are sharing their opinions and reporting news via the Internet.

Bill would criminalize embedding copyrighted video without permission:

A very dangerous bill is coming up for vote soon in the senate called SB 978. The bill was introduced and sponsored by Senators Klobuchar, Cornyn, and Coons. Senate Bill 978 seeks to define a civil violation as a criminal felony, making the embedding of a YouTube video that is viewed by more than 10 people in a 180-day period worth 5 years in federal prison.

Remember that “Friday” video you posted and embedded last month on your facebook, the RIAA wants you in jail for that. I know what you are thinking…”this bill will never pass, it is so draconian.” I just want you to know, the bill was introduced by a Democrat and has bipartisan support. Also our sitting president is the darling of the RIAA thanks to maxed out campaign contributions.

Meanwhile, though, Jimmie Bise is approaching his 100th podcast on The Delivery. He is right to regard episode #97 as special. If you missed it, go listen or download for when you’re driving around this weekend.

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