Spokestool Jay Carney: Asking To See Obama’s Plan is a GOP Talking Point

Or alternatively, he doesn’t want to put it out there because it will become “politically charged”; so says the man who’s boss has threatened to veto the Boehner plan, draped himself in the mantle of Reagan by misappropriating one of the Gipper’s quotes out of context, and demanded that Congressional leaders “compromise”-by accepting the Democrats debt ceiling increase plan-all within the last 24 hours.

From Greg Hengler at Townhall:

Chip Reid is the first to ask Carney about Obama’s plan: “Why not put it out there?” Reid also asks: “What was the point of giving a prime time address to the nation without an Obama plan?”

Next, Chuck Todd doubles down on Reid’s challenge and causes Carney to stutter a bit. After Todd’s feisty challenges, a reporter named Carol triples down on the press’s “show us the plan” challenge to Carney and Obama. The scene is ugly and unpleasant–if you’re on Team Obama.

After all the hemming and hawing from Carney over Obama’s so-called plan, we learn that he really doesn’t have one “because we want a result.” Go figure.

He has a plan but not really. Truly Orwellian…

And ACE calls a spade, a spade :

It’s pretty interesting– the press room jeers in protest when Carney suggests they skipped out of town early on Friday, when he claims the President clearly outlined his “principles.”

His “principles.” Still not his “plan.”

As the CBO said, “We can’t score speeches.”

Really worth viewing. It’s interesting that media is finally starting to chafe under Obama’s arrogant reign. Really, really worth watching. The press (particularly Todd and Jake Tapper) will not ease up on Carney over the administration’s utter failure to produce a plan.

Hmmm… Obama insists that the debt deal must carry him to January 2013, and here Carney repeats that the President also insists that no tax hikes will go into effect before January 2013.

Is there some economic importance of this January 2013 date?

And AllahP recounts the musing of Steve Hayes:

Steve Hayes notes that it wasn’t so long ago that Obama’s press secretary was mocking the GOP at the podium as “the party of no ideas” for producing a brief budget framework instead of a detailed plan. Fast forward two years and, with the alleged economic apocalypse nearly upon us, we’ve got a different press secretary insisting that O doesn’t need to float a plan because he once gave a speech or something. Good times, good times.

What’s black, is white; Up is down; etc.  Check out video at any of the links, at savor the squirming of O!‘s minion in service to The Won.

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2 Comments on Spokestool Jay Carney: Asking To See Obama’s Plan is a GOP Talking Point

  1. Obama submitted a budget that was voted down 97-0. It has been over 800 days since the dems have proposed any budget plan.
    No business or family could succeed like this, but somehow some Americans feel this is acceptable.
    Obama and his minions should have set down long ago and tried to work our a bipartisan plan.
    Obama is destroying America.

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    • I concur Deborah. None of us could run our households this way. If the debt ceiling extension through the 2012 election was so vital, Obama and the Democrats should have addressed that before November of last year-just as with the budget…

      But they didn’t. Because they didn’t want the American people to have solid proof of what and how they were going to spend our money.

      It’s all very bad, they need to go.

      Thanks for the comment.

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