Chicago: Old Ghosts Coming for Daley

The former long-time mayor of Chicago has been dodging all sorts of reckoning over the years. It may finally be catching up with him in a civil lawsuit filed against various parties, related to long-running police brutality in Chicago that was tied to false confessions:

For the first time, a federal judge has ruled former Mayor Richard M. Daley can be sued as a defendant for his alleged role in what plaintiffs claim is a citywide conspiracy to cover up police torture.

And Daley could be deposed by lawyers representing alleged victims, all African American, who charge their abuse came at the hands of a small band of predominantly white police officers under the command of former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge.

The Burge case has already cost Chicago taxpayers more than $43 million in settlements and outside legal fees. Burge is in federal prison.

Though Daley was questioned under oath by a court-appointed special prosecutor in 2006, it was widely criticized as an overly solicitous interview. This would likely be a more adversarial exchange.

The deposition date is set for early September.

For more info on the cases surrounding Jon Burge, the entry at wikipedia is rather comprehensive. I’ll set you down at “torture methods”. This may shock you, but Daley had a primary challenger in 1991 who brought up this issue… and Daley, of course, won.

But here’s a twist: Daley had been county prosecutor during the time of the most notorious torture cases – the 1980s. He was able to escape civil liability due to his position then…. but he became mayor in 1989. And they’re going after him for that time period, as he resisted investigation of the issue.

I bet with regards to any civil award, it will be the city of Chicago paying, not Daley’s personal wealth. But what Daley could be paying is his reputation.

And it’s about damn time for that to start.

So…. what is Rahm Emmanuel’s connection to the Daley machine? Does he owe the old man anything? Is it in his interest to settle this quickly & quietly, or would he like the full deposition to go on?

I could see Rahm letting this fester, so he can blame the current problems of Chicago (crumbling finances, the violent flash mob activity along the Magnificent Mile) on Daley (and he would have a point), and just so that he can look like the good-government guy (snort).

Emmanuel has been doing all sorts of stuff in Chicago that has local unionists up in arms, by the way. Have you heard about it in the national news, like Gov. Walker’s cuts?

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6 Responses to Chicago: Old Ghosts Coming for Daley

  1. TRB says:


    “Old Ghosts Coming for Daley” is the understatement of the 21st Century.

    In fact, our family was harassed, stalked and threatened by Gangster Politico’s the week of Jon Burge’s October 2008 indictment as our dad worked as a detective in Area 2 during the Area 2 Burge era.

    The Chicago Gangster Machine (Daley, Obama, et al) is all about Winning thru Intimidation and Threatening of Opposition to the Machine (Politico’s, Machine Payroll Police & Prosecutors, Gangsters and Machine-controlled Media).

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  2. TRB says:


    You just nailed it.

    The Chicago Gangster Machine is a criminal empire.

    Hopefully, our next President will indict and prosecute members of Chicago’s Gangster Machine for their illegal, anti-American behavior.

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  3. meep says:

    Do any of y’all know if Rahm Emmanuel owes any favors to the Daleys?

    I was semi-assuming not, b/c they didn’t really help him in his mayoral run.

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  4. TRB says:


    With respect to your question re: the Team Daley and Team Emanuel Alliance, Rahm went “on record” last week providing “BIG TIME” support of Daley in the ongoing Burge saga.

    In fact, Rahm publicly made a stance that City Hall will pay all of Daley’s legal bills related to ongoing Burge litigation –

    I). Judge: Daley can be Included as Defendant in Burge Case

    II). Mayor Says City will pay Daley’s legal bills in Burge case

    III). Emanuel isn’t Daley’s water carrier — at least, he shouldn’t be:
    Whether he likes it or not, new mayor has put his own political down payment on the Burge case

    Further, it has been widely reported that Team Daley helped “clear-the-field” for Rahm’s Mayoral Run. Lastly, one of the Chicago Machine operatives that was stalking and harassing our family in October 2008 is profiled in the below-You Tube Interview. Same operative has a standing “investigative alert” issued by CPD re: a battery same operative committed in front of two (2) uniformed CPD.

    To date, it is my understanding that same Chicago Machine operative has not been taken into custody. ( )

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    • Meep says:

      Thanks for all this info TRB.

      It does seem likely that they’ll try to shove this all under the rug.

      Now, this case is civil, not criminal, so it’s a matter of money getting shifted around and reputations possibly ruined…. so I wonder if there will just be some sort of cash settlement made and the whole thing quieted down.

      But then, a lot of the money has been siphoned off of Chicago already, and its financial situation is not the best.

      But hey, what’s a few million between friends, right?

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  5. TRB says:


    Jon Burge was ultimately indicted via findings sourced from civil proceedings and depositions.

    To this end, a Daley indictment (re: Burge) can also be facilitated via a civil suit – although, Rahm is clearly providing political and financial “cover” to Daley – irrespective of Daley being Cook County State’s Attorney while all the Burge stuff was allegedly taking place.

    Please keep in mind, that I covered the Burge trial for Nuclear Chicago. To this end, I have a very keen and accurate persepctive related to Daley (and by extension – Rahm) quid pro quo’s involved with Burge-based politics.

    By Rahm trying to trigger or broker a deal, Rahm is inherently shorting justice in the Burge matter (and running blatant political interference for Daley).

    In a nutshell, the Burge litigation is a combination of Power Politics ‘and’ Civil Rights as MILLIONS of $$$$$ has been dispensed to alleged-victims and their civil rights attorneys.

    The Power Politics has always had a strong undercurrent of race-based politics as well as pinstripe patronage as City Hall outsourced MILLIONS in $$$$$ to Daley loyalists to defend Burge & Company.

    Sadly, the recent moves by Rahm will be viewed as “obstructionist” if, in fact, Daley does not get deposed.

    Bottomline….Rahm needs to stay-out-of-the-Burge scrum.

    Rahm does not understand the politics involved. If Rahm did understand the toxic politics involved, I presume Rahm would stay out of the Burge scrum – unless of course, Rahm condones the toxic politics at play by Burris, Daley, Michael Sneed, et al.

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