Play the Chicago Game and Avoid Taxes

What’s so special about Lollapalooza (that thing is still going on? Jeez, it started when I was in high school…but it looks it has much fewer venues now) that it gets a $1-million-holiday from taxes?

Oh, I’m sure it’s just coincidence they had hired one of Daley’s nephews:

And if Lollapalooza wasn’t already enough of a financial bonanza for its promoters, who grossed more than $21 million last year, City Hall and Cook County government officials are doing their part to boost the festival’s bottom line, even as they struggle with their own budget crises, which threaten to result in layoffs of city and county workers.

For a seventh straight year, the city and county are exempting Lollapalooza from paying the amusement taxes normally imposed on arts and athletic performances and even movies.

That will save the promoters — Austin, Texas-based C3 Presents LLC — more than $1 million in taxes on the 270,000 tickets sold for this years’s festival, which opens Friday.

Lollapalooza got its latest waiver from the city’s 5 percent amusement tax in the waning days of the administration of Mayor Richard M. Daley, whose nephew Mark Vanecko has been a lobbyist and lawyer for the festival promoters, helping to negotiate their current 10-year contract with the Chicago Park District.

Just business as usual, guys. Nothing to see here.

I liked this detail:

Also, the contract says C3 has to comply with the park district’s affirmative-action goals — which call for subcontracting 25 percent of work to minority-owned businesses and 5 percent to women-owned companies. The park district says 14 of the 57 Lollapalooza vendors are owned by minorities or women. It won’t identify them. Nor will the district or the foundation provide any records to show how much work Lollapalooza gives to minority- or women-owned companies.

I love it when old school white nepotism runs into “diversity” goals. Their problem is that they didn’t marry enough different ethnicities. Only if Daley had a black or hispanic nephew…

By the way, this Vanecko nephew isn’t the same one involved in a homicide case where police files were “lost”.

I can imagine the Daley family reunions are so much fun. In mine, we’re just comparing kid videos…the Daleys must compare who got away with the most.

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  1. Neil says:

    Pretty sweet deal Lollapalooza has in Chi-town, no wonder they come back every year. I guess the economic benefit of the influx of tourism might potentially outweigh the negatives of the tax break? With it being so large a break, I can’t quite see how.

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