In WEA We Don’t Trust

In the wake of the passage of Governor Scott Walker’s Public Union Employee curtailing of collective bargaining privileges, the citizens of Wisconsin have begun to learn to what extent they have been scammed year-over-year. No where is this more apparent than in regard to the School Teachers’ Union insurance concern WEA Trust (Wisconsin Education Association Trust).

In district after district, Cheeseheads are learning that not only have they been gouged but gouged mightily in this unholy alliance of Big Labor and Monopolistic business arrangements, but that the abuses are being revealed to be more significant than was touted by the Walker Administration and state legislators.

How we know this is the case is that for those districts that refused to extend Public School Teacher Union contracts before Walker’s reforms became law, budget surpluses are now being realized. For those school districts that extended Union contracts before the new laws went into effect budget shortfalls. As a result, in those districts with new-found surpluses, property tax levies have either remained flat or been reduced. Of course, the opposite is true for those unfortunates living in districts whose boards shamefully chose the Unions over the taxpayers on behalf of whom we have been reminded they are to serve (ie. Milwaukee Public Schools district).

The extent of the grift perpetrated under the Democrats at the state level and their allies in the Teachers’ Union is stunning.

To say nothing about overpaying, double-dipping (whereby a teacher retires and is rehired the next day and subsequently receives full pension, full benefits, and full salary all on the taxpayers’ pocketbook), mandated cost of living adjustments, tenure (or the inability to weed out the awful teachers), the worst scam of all appears in the form of WEA Trust.

For years upon years, the Wisconsin Teachers Union has baked in a mandate for a good many districts to purchase Cadillac insurance plans from… wait for it… the Wisconsin Teachers Union. Being over-insured is one thing. Over-paying to over-insure teachers is another thing.

Yesterday, it was revealed that one district in Wisconsin (Oshkosh)

…could save about $774,000 this year and another $1.3 million next year by leaving its union-affiliated health insurance for a new provider”.

The district requested proposals from providers in July after its labor unions gave the board full control over health insurance as part of a one-year collective bargaining agreement.

… Business director Bob Tess said[,]“We weren’t just looking for the cheapest plan. It just so happens that the best plan was also the least expensive.”

Read the whole thing Here

Makes one wonder aloud who will benefit most from Obamacare.

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One Response to In WEA We Don’t Trust

  1. Dustin says:

    They really are kinda shameless.

    They follow this pattern at many levels, in many ways, of deliberately keeping someone agitated and somewhat screwed over, to perpetuate their power via various ‘you need me or you are even more screwed’ schemes.

    The only hope is for folks to be equipped to find this basic truth. They need some decent media and they need a decent education.


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