Catholic Teachings Not Subject to Polls

I’ll try to keep it short.

It is very frustrating to have to go over this again and again and again. But I guess we have no choice.

Catholic Theology includes:

The Teachings of the Christ whilst He was hanging out here on Earth. The New Testament.

2000 years of Revelation by the holy Spirit. That is, ongoing enlightenment in God’s own time to the Church vis a vis this and that. We Catholics call this Tradition.

I have written really long-winded essays on the Static nature of Truth. The ultimate Truth, of course, is God. He is Static and unchanging.

So, the Church Militant, which is the Body of Christ on Earth whose faithful are members, expresses that Truth, without regard to polls.

In terms of the HHS overreach, it matters very little that X% of “American Catholics” abide (or even agree with) the Natural Law in its fullness as expressed by the Church.

The problem, it turns out, is that people within one lifetime cannot amass the Wisdom of Christ’s 2012 year old Church. The individual’s perspective is woefully worthless in light of the Cumulative Wisdom (we call it the Treasury or Repository of Faith) of the world’s most brilliant scholars and most holy men and women – and the enlightenment provided by the holy Spirit to the same. Not to mention personal revelation by Our Mother and the Christ Jesus Himself.

It matters not what today’s faithful believe in regard to this or that portion of Truth.

Not one iota.

The Church, for Her part, is not given to pop sensibilities or polls. And the talking heads that cite polls to bolster this administration’s stance that their mandate is acceptable miss the point on plenty of scores.

Not least of which is, again, the nature of Truth. Perhaps they are just Godless. Or simpletons. Or Proggs. Or all three of these things.

In any event, I am sure I will have to write about this again and again and again. It’s… what’s that word… nuanced.

The Church has survived persecutions and nations governed by tyranny for 2012 years. From this perspective, America is really a flash in the pan.


VERY RELATED – Read the whole thing! at the American Catholic.

Finally in our own way we need to educate the faithful that the Catholic Church continues to grow and strengthen as she has done every other time she has been under attack. Jesus promised us that this would be the case (Matthew 16:15-20) and so it is. Sadly the Church sometimes loses her way when times are good, because we often become a part of the world. Jesus warned us that though we must be in the world, we must never be of the world. Thankfully, because we are heeding His words the tide continues to turn!


John C Wright – quotes from Bad Catholic at Patheos

So what happened overnight? Why is the Church’s most controversial teaching something that — suddenly — can be affirmed in the secular, public sphere without fear? The teachings didn’t change — they’ve always been awesome. Our culture didn’t change — it continues to suck. No, we owe this shift in disposition to the remarkable act of placing our hands on the desk, pushing firmly down upon it while pushing firmly up with the toes, and straightening the kneecaps until the body is aligned vertically between heaven and earth.

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  1. mike Dee // 02/14/2012 at 12:41 am // Reply

    Grateful to find you, Mr. Root; I perhaps remember you as commenter on the PW site, no?
    The ‘Static nature of Truth’ … I’ve said it often, but never better.

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  2. I recently got through a lecture course on CD on the Protestant Reformation, and the last lecture was on the Jesuits (what happened to those guys?) and the Council of Trent.

    About the shock of the Lutherans and other Protestants that the Church, after reforming specific abuses, said “No, no doctrine has changed. No, you don’t get sola scriptura nor sola fide, you don’t get to dump the communion of saints, and purgatory is real.”

    I don’t see why they expected the doctrine to change — sure, get rid of selling indulgences (which Trent did), but there was no way they were going to obliterate Tradition or the sacraments, and definitely not the teaching authority of the Pope.

    This is piddly crap compared to Cromwell. And Domitian. And the Ottoman Empire.

    I suppose some thought the Church would just fold, especially since many “leaders” in the Church blather about “social justice”. But one does not get to be an institution that survives thousands of years by fainting when some guy decides he wants to mess with your business.

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