Happy Birthday, Abraham. Yours, Ba’al (D)

"Obaal" - Stolen from SERR8d's Cutting Edge

Essay by Dr. Dan Collins, Sr, Naples FL

Reflecting on our current problems of governance on the birthday of our most spiritual president, Abraham Lincoln, leads me to parallels through the wisdom of history.

Locke’s reflections on the Natural Law, accepted dogma since the ancient Greek philosophers, that God endowed man with unalienable rights; Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness in the Constitution.

The Confederate States considered slaves as property and were morally justified in holding their “property” as an unalienable right.

Lincoln recognized slavery as a grave moral evil that had to be removed and accepted the sacrifice of 636,036 dead soldiers as the price and reasoned that, for his part in the conflict, the proper price was his life.

The following is a paraphrase (I am blind);

We are now in a conflict to see whether this nation so destined will endure

The sacrament of the Democrat Party is abortion. To pretend to believe that the products of conception are not Human life is absurd. Cats beget cats. Dogs beget dogs, Humans beget what? When the ovum is impregnated by the sperm all other sperm are not allowed to enter, ergo the zygote knows it is complete.

Throughout the Judeo-Christian experience, history and tradition, women were enfranchised by God with the responsibility of nurturing and giving forth new life. He endowed them with an instinct that rivals and may exceed self-preservation; the Law of Moses recognized women were so involved in God’s area of Creation they required bathing at the Temple.

While a king could have so many wives and concubines (eg. Solomon had 30 wives) they only had one mother who who was therefore honored as queen.

In Christian Tradition, Mary is the Mother of the God-man Jesus and visits her cousin Elizabeth as the Ark of the Covenant. Compare Elizabeth’s greeting to David’s celebration before the Ark.

Rejecting or ignoring all modern science – the lessons of Scripture and the Wisdom of History and of other holocausts, the infant sacrifices of Ba’al to the Twentieth Century slaughters of Nazi and Stalin and Pol Pot – this carnage of abortion will exceed any of its predecessors.

The Democrat Party has a moral position that is antithetical to America.

We are drawn into a war, truly one of survival.

Premonitory – Serr8d’s Cutting Edge – 2009

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  1. The Democrat Party has a moral position that is antithetical to America.

    That gets an Amen, brothers.

    –jdw (formerly known as…well, you know. )

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