Principled Politics vs the Politics of Self

If there is such a thing, I would call it principled politics.

And here is the difference: speak to someone who has next to nothing as it relates to assets and worldly possessions. If they are a Conservative, they will speak convictions that have little or nothing to do with their station in life.

Liberals cannot understand a man who has nothing but the clothes on his back defending such things as smaller government and professing reductions in social services. The simple reason is that the Liberal votes with his pocketbook… what is best in his mind for his particular situation. He cannot grasp a man of tenuous economic status who promulgates limited government. It seems illogical, if not insane, to him.

Conservatives, on the other hand, seem to have an ability to support what is Good & Right, without regard for their specific personal welfare.

These are distinct worldviews. One is focused on the self. One is focused on what is objectively right and what is objectively wrong without regard to self.

There is something to this. Ironic though it may seem, perhaps, the Conservative is by definition more concerned with the General Welfare than the Liberal… whose opinion usually hinges on his calculation of what is best for himself.

I used to think it was a simple situation of Envy. But as I grow older, I see that it is Envy and Selfishness that drives the Mainline Liberal.

An example. In witnessing the recent happenings in Wisconsin, it is clear that the Liberal Unionistas and Teachers have shown us their real colors: they don’t give a damn about the Children, the State of Wisconsin, or the amount of Services they can provide… they care about what is in it for them… budgets and taxes be damned.

That there are perhaps 10% of Teachers that are of the opposing point of view – who, despite what is seemingly best for them personally – are willing to concede that the State of Wisconsin cannot sustain the incredibly lush provisions they have enjoyed throughout the last 30 years – defies complete sanity in the minds of the Mainline (Liberal) Teachers.

“How can you vote against your own personal benefit?” they ask.

The Conservative replies, “How can I not?”

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3 Responses to Principled Politics vs the Politics of Self

  1. Guaman says:

    Nice, really nice summary of the position. It rings very true. I’ve had many conversations with individuals, mini-rent seekers, so to speak. Congress should just pass a law giving me a whole lot of money. It is that simple in some minds.

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  2. Enoch_Root says:

    Thx Guaman. Thanks for stopping in. Have a great Sunday.

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  3. That’s It. The fork in the road we find ourselves at. I (we) choose principle. Added to ARL for all time posterity.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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