The Paternalism of the Elite Left

Irony of ironies has it that a select few (an Elite if you will) are today’s Gnostics. In the sense, of course, that they and they alone are privy to some secret knowledge.

Among this knowledge appears to be what is best for people like you and me.

I have oft chuckled at a White Liberals conclusions about what is best for an inner-city, low income Black. You know, those Small People. Those ignorant and helpless former-slaves.

Likewise, Liberals never tire of telling Women what is best for them. Parents what is best for their children. Blue Collar Workers what is best for them. It leaves one to conclude that they really have sussed the whole thing out. That this gnostic insight to which they and they alone can discern is “settled science”.

I am one who is a real fan of opinionated people… even when they are wrong. But with this caveat: they must be willing to be intellectually-honest. I’ve no time for Truth-benders.

A prime example of Truth-bending would be Mr. Gingrich and the MSM purposefully distorting the spirit of Romney’s comment relating to the “Poorest of the Poor”. Anyone who listens to the interview in question can clearly hear what Mr. Romney intended to convey. He didn’t mis-speak as much as said something that could be seized upon by his enemies. But his sentiment was not, as Newt knows full-well, as Newt has twisted it to be. I am no fan of Romney outside of the fact that I would vote for him (or practically anyone) as a no vote to Obambi. But apparently Newt need not bother with Truth. What he is concerned with is the ends he is after. The means be damned.

Progressives (Socialists, Marxists, Statists all) are precisely the same. They do not give a damn about how they attain control (which they swear with words is not the Ultimate Solution). They do not give a damn who is offended (though they are offended by anyone who challenges their secret knowledge). The worst part about their pursuit of power – their desire to impose their religion on those heretics who dare to oppose their instruction and faith – is that they will stoop to any method of achieving the secular humanist caliphate for which they long. Any who fundamentally disagree with the teaching of the Church of State – any who cannot be “reasoned with” or “see the error of their ways” must be brought into compliance by other means. And those other means, if need be and in their perfect world, will be the Law of the Land (where none must bother to convince anyone of anything whatsoever). The heathens will learn or comply… either of which achieves the end Goal of Absolute Power.

All of this these supreme truths which they advance – for which only their clerics (and incredibly sharp East Coast Libs) can understand in totality – are camouflaged most often in sentimental garb. Of course, the sentimental garb is just a means to the end. “It is what’s best for women’s health” after all, that the Catholic Church must compromise its Principles (after all, Catholics are very superstitious people – but they are just stupid enough to take the bait if we appeal to that Social Justice thing).

It gets a bit better listening to Members of the Church of State – such as Mika Brzezinski – defend the Unholy See’s New Dogma. To see her speak on the issue reveals 3 things: 1) she is completely in over her head as it relates to the Church Militant and its Teachings, 2) she underestimates the Church’s staying power (now clocking in at 2012 years), 3) she is willing to be willfully ignorant.

Dog is my co-pilot.

What this means is that she is willing to purposefully miss the point altogether. Since I don’t take her as intellectually lazy, I must conclude she is intellectually dishonest. And if she is dishonest as it relates to this major issue, then is there any issue of significance that could compel her to be less than a water carrier for the Church of State?

But again, given as I am to giving people who are ignorant of Catholic Teaching the benefit of the doubt as they complain and wax on about that silly Straw Man – at once over there and then bilocationally over here at the same time – I have come to realize this is precisely the mode of “charity” that now finds the Bishops with knives in their backs.

I must stop being so charitable. Because the enemy will stop at nothing to achieve their ends.

Or, maybe, I should just take the soup from Daddy. I mean, these are wise, thoughtful and caring people who only want what’s best for little ole me. You don’t think these same people would ever wish me harm? Right? I mean, that’s all in my head, right?

Daddy knows best. I may not agree with him. But really, he knows what’s best for me.

Now, be a good Dog.

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