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Behold: The Unholy Family & the Meatitudes

The Meatitudes Blessed are the poor of possession: for theirs is the kingdom of earth. Blessed are the relativists: for they shall possess the State. Blessed are they who govern: for they know best. Blessed are they that hunger and … Continue reading

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Cripples and Bedroom Slippers… and the Vanishing G

Can’t imagine a Conservative or White Person ever getting away with such things… but then, he slices, dices, and walks on water.

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If Barry is the best that Satan can do, I’ve been profoundly overestimating him for these many years.

Entirely inspired by perhaps the best POWIP comment of 2011 (Jefferson101)

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I Seem to Have Missed the Newspeak Memo – also BOOOOOBS

Also…. the following is are a bit much for me… but as a display of solidarity… with the Germans Japanese Other models made in Japan

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Making Out With Helen Thomas

Curiously (or not so curiously), there is at least one person who thinks making out with Helen Thomas is more desirable than the thought of living in the Middle East. Continue reading

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BeefCake Friday 2011 Vol. III

My friend Connie send me OODLES of Alex O’Loughlin pics and since no one else saw fit to request a BeefCake……Connie wins. It appears YouTube was unhappy with my choice of songs and has blocked the video worldwide…so 4 … Continue reading

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BeefCake Friday 2011 Vol. II

Now, I know…it’s Eric Balfour again..but before you get all….”Dede pick another man”…I learned to do something new and whenever I do that, I always try it out on Eric first because I already have pics and video on my … Continue reading

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Sheriff Dupnik-Inspired “Art” – with Sub-titles

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BeefCake Weekend 2011Vol.1

Youtube refused to upload the video for hours…don’t know why, but it’s up now. sooooooo here ya go!! :) Note: This was supposed to be football players but SOMEBODY told me they would be too controversial and so you got … Continue reading

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Sylvester McMonkey McBean’s Time Machine

Steamy!!!!!!!!!!! Mmmmmmmmmm. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Mmmmmmmmmm. That is all. Carry on.

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