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Happy Birthday, Abraham. Yours, Ba’al (D)

Essay by Dr. Dan Collins, Sr, Naples FL Reflecting on our current problems of governance on the birthday of our most spiritual president, Abraham Lincoln, leads me to parallels through the wisdom of history. Locke’s reflections on the Natural Law, … Continue reading

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State of the City: Blithe Comments from Rahm

Let’s see what Rahm Emmanuel has to say about his nascent mayorlty: If Rahm Emanuel had known being mayor of Chicago was this much fun, he likes to joke that he would have “primaried” his political mentor four years ago. … Continue reading

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Chicago: Old Ghosts Coming for Daley

The former long-time mayor of Chicago has been dodging all sorts of reckoning over the years. It may finally be catching up with him in a civil lawsuit filed against various parties, related to long-running police brutality in Chicago that … Continue reading

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Birth of a Neocon

I don’t suppose my story is really all that unique; raised in a household loyal to the Democratic Party.  “Loyal” may be an understatement, perhaps “devoted” is a more accurate term.  I was at least a 4th generation Democrat, starting … Continue reading

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Palin Unloads On Obama…Again !

In her latest Facebook post titled: Conquering the Storm.  The subject, of course, is economics. Specifically our overwhelming debt, the S&P downgrade, and the abject failure of Obamanomics.  It’s definitely a must-read.  Here’s a taste: In the coming days we’ll … Continue reading

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Play the Chicago Game and Avoid Taxes

What’s so special about Lollapalooza (that thing is still going on? Jeez, it started when I was in high school…but it looks it has much fewer venues now) that it gets a $1-million-holiday from taxes? Oh, I’m sure it’s just … Continue reading

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Rasmussen: Consumer Confidence Falls to New 2 Year Low and other Polls

More of the hopey-changey-goodness that is RecoverySummer™ Part Deux : Consumer confidence has fallen to a new two-year low while investor confidence continues to hover just above the lowest levels of 2011. The Rasmussen Consumer Index, which measures the economic … Continue reading

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Chairman of Obama’s Job Council to Create New Jobs…In China?

But, you know, at least they weren’t Green Jobs…Yet…From : General Electric Co.’s health care unit, the world’s biggest maker of medical imaging machines, is moving the headquarters of its 115-year-old X-ray business to Beijing. The headquarters will move … Continue reading

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Congress Deluged With Telephone and E-Mail Traffic: add yours to the mix

Which, Mr. Obama asked the American people to weigh in on the debt ceiling increase debate, and it looks like they’re taking his suggestion under serious consideration: Congressional offices were deluged with feedback Tuesday after President Obama urged Americans to … Continue reading

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Spokestool Jay Carney: Asking To See Obama’s Plan is a GOP Talking Point

Or alternatively, he doesn’t want to put it out there because it will become “politically charged”; so says the man who’s boss has threatened to veto the Boehner plan, draped himself in the mantle of Reagan by misappropriating one of … Continue reading

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