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Judge Sumi Strikes down Governor Walker’s collective bargaining law

And really, who didn’t expect that this was coming given Judge Sumi’s willingness to entertain the Dane County DA’s motions regarding how the rapid passage of this bill in the legislature during the “Fleebagging” sessions, the period where the Senate … Continue reading

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Post-Partisan Paragons of Perfidy shape “The Narrative”

More follow up to the earlier posts regarding Democrat efforts to “own” the revocation of ObL’s respiration rights.  From Politico: Just one day after the Navy SEALs’ daring raid, Democrats were already outlining plans to seize the opportunity to portray … Continue reading

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A trenchant observation on Dan’s earlier question; Who owns bin Laden’s death

Provided by our Pal Carin, in a comment thread over at Protein Wisdom that is part of a post by Darleen Click on Obama’s impending “Victory Lap“, paraphrased, it goes something like this: Economy still sputtering after two plus years … Continue reading

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Wolly and the New Tone

One can always count on the progressive left to never let a crisis go to waste. Rahm would surely be proud… The congressional delegations of these states — Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Virginia, and Kentucky — overwhelmingly voted to reject … Continue reading

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Ecce Doofus [UPDATED]

There’s a lot of stupidity that flows from Lawrence O’Donnell, both his person and his television show.  But this particular episode has got to be right up near the height of lows.  Behold, as Tavis the race baiter tosses his … Continue reading

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Stossel’s variation on the question, “What if Bush did [X]“

Comes in the form of the question, “Where did all the Anti-War Protesters Go?”: The anti-war movement was all over the news before President Obama was elected. But apparently they weren’t really anti-war … they were just anti-President Bush. Two … Continue reading

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Koran Burning Tool Convicted of Something

After reading the article, I’m still unsure what the conviction was for.  Did he actually begin the protest and get arrested for that, or did they arrest him in a pre-emptive strike?  No one has claimed that he was going … Continue reading

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So, just what is a reduction in tax code spending?

During Mr. Obama’s decidedly lackluster and unimpressive speech yesterday I found myself puzzled by a few things; maybe our kind readers can do a brother a solid and put me some knowledge. 1) Why on earth did he ask the … Continue reading

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On the latest O!-bloviation

I’ve kept my trap shut on the Libya action, in general, because I believe that partisan politics end at the water’s edge in time of armed conflict, and I don’t want to engage in the same petty behavior I’ve spent … Continue reading

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President In Over His Head

The Coast Guard has quietly posted their after-action report on the big oil spill from last year, and it’s not exactly flattering to the CIC.  The criticisms seem mainly to be about the PR disaster, which is amazing considering the … Continue reading

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