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Just a reminder: None of the Senate Democrats Voted to Raise the Debt Ceiling in 2006

Not a single one; many of whom are still in the Senate…  It was a strict party line vote…From the Senate’s website: Grouped By Vote Position YEAs —52 Alexander (R-TN) Allard (R-CO) Allen (R-VA) Bennett (R-UT) Bond (R-MO) Brownback (R-KS) … Continue reading

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Post-Partisan Paragons of Perfidy shape “The Narrative”

More follow up to the earlier posts regarding Democrat efforts to “own” the revocation of ObL’s respiration rights.  From Politico: Just one day after the Navy SEALs’ daring raid, Democrats were already outlining plans to seize the opportunity to portray … Continue reading

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So, just what is a reduction in tax code spending?

During Mr. Obama’s decidedly lackluster and unimpressive speech yesterday I found myself puzzled by a few things; maybe our kind readers can do a brother a solid and put me some knowledge. 1) Why on earth did he ask the … Continue reading

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So did you see Obama’s speech at the memorial service last night? [UPDATED]

  Well, I did, and he didn’t disappoint the crowds or most of the punditocracy judging from the immediate, gushing, reactions on both sides of the spectrum that I saw and read afterwards.   In his usual mellifluous voice, with his usual … Continue reading

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Gutfeld nicely sums up Jon Stewart’s rally

based in part on his life experiences: My point: every single day of my life was a Jon Stewart rally. Everyone around me was pleasant, usually white, and always reveling in their reflexive assumptions about the “rest” of less hip … Continue reading

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Jon Stewart is full of crap and his parties are a huge borefest

 Psst, this is my clever way making a point about proggies that spread misinformation about conservatism and everything associated with it based on their own bias and mean-spiritedness instead of listening to the other side with a respectful attitude. What’s up, Mama … Continue reading

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Obama’s Aunt: “The system took advantage of me!”

Which, you know, is kind of hard for me to understand since she’s still here, living on public assistance: Aunt Zeituni, as she has come to be known, first surfaced in the public light in 2008, in the final days of … Continue reading

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When Bibi met Barry; a tale of two receptions

Boy, what a difference an election year makes, eh?  And it’s not only with respect to the usual chicken-in-every-pot demagoguish posturing, or the sudden embrace of a sense of fiscal awareness and responsibility by the same Congress that, in concert … Continue reading

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Mortar fire hits U.S. embassy while Biden speaks of “progress”

Wow.  He must have really put his foot in his mouth this time; no doubt it was another big effing deal!  The left leaning MFM will surely have their undies in a bunch over this episode.  I mean, they get … Continue reading

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Adding fuel to the Outrage! or beginning the race card’s swan song?

For some time now I’ve been noting the gratuitous use of the race card by the Presidents supporters against any who might dare to oppose his legislative agenda.  That practice, as well as the whole comic opera that is identity … Continue reading

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