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Palin Unloads On Obama…Again !

In her latest Facebook post titled: Conquering the Storm.  The subject, of course, is economics. Specifically our overwhelming debt, the S&P downgrade, and the abject failure of Obamanomics.  It’s definitely a must-read.  Here’s a taste: In the coming days we’ll … Continue reading

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Senator Jeff Sessions: it’s past time for Obama to put his debt plan on the table

Which he’s speaking about a debt reduction plan.  Because everyone’s already seen the President’s plan to increase our debt; that would be the risible “plan”, that was not really a plan but a speech, that the MBM allowed him to … Continue reading

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Wynn not the only CEO unhappy with The Won

Recall the story posted here the other day about Wynn Resorts CEO’s epic rant that stemmed from his dissatisfaction with Obama’s failed economic policies?  Did it seem like something out of the ordinary to you?  I mean, generally business leaders … Continue reading

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Did you ever get the feeling that they are just making this stuff up?

By “they” I mean the US government, more specifically the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and by “stuff” I’m talking about what is commonly known as the unemployment rate.  And the reason I think someone there is smoking crack, or something … Continue reading

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Is Obama “jobbing” us about the jobs picture?

I remember when the O!ministration promised to “pivot” and focus laser-like on jobs and the economy.  But these days, I’m starting to wish that the lightworker could at least focus laser like on reality!  In suburban Maryland, just outside DC, Obama … Continue reading

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