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Paul Ryan Exposes the Trillion Dollar Gimmick in Senator Reid’s Debt Ceiling “Compromise” Plan

Which, as I noted earlier, was the inclusion among Reid’s supposed “savings” of funds for not fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq; funds that no one has included in any of their budget baselines.  But Representative Ryan points that out clearly … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan brings Obama’s spending history up to date

Alternate headlines: “Timelines of a spending spree”, or, “$4 trillion later; how we got here from there”.  But Paul Ryan calls it what it is, “A Brief History of President Obama’s Fiscal Record”; though in my opinion he left out … Continue reading

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So, just what is a reduction in tax code spending?

During Mr. Obama’s decidedly lackluster and unimpressive speech yesterday I found myself puzzled by a few things; maybe our kind readers can do a brother a solid and put me some knowledge. 1) Why on earth did he ask the … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan on the actual fierce urgency of now

And he’s not using it as just another throw-away line, you know, a cliche-JUST WORDS!, like Present-dent Obeyme.  No, the Wisconsin Congressman is talking about real choices that we face, as a nation, in the not-so-distant future: “Are we going to … Continue reading

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